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Comic Strips

Also known as Fanfic Strips, these little passages are short thoughts I have in the meantime of me thinking about things.

  1. It's Really Boiling

    Finally, another comic strip. Based on a pun, too.

    It's Really Boiling

    It was a hot, sweltering day in Santa Arena, in the southern part of the Yuunai region. Ken was inside a convenience store, where the glass windows only made it even hotter - it felt like 40, almost 50 degrees.

    Ken looked at a thermometer - it read "108". His eyes widened in shock.

    The shop clerk suddenly piped up. "It's really hot today, isn't it," ...
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  2. Driving in Sinnoh

    Here's another comic that was featured as a bonus strip to Generation 2021. It features Hikaru's father, Hakuya Hoshimoto!

    Fast Drivers? (a.k.a Driving in Sinnoh)

    One day, as Hakuya, Hikaru's father, was driving down Route 25, Officer Jenny pulled him over. "Oji-sama, I think you're going too slow for the road. Don't you know what the speed limit is?"

    "I thought it was 25 kilometres per hour," said Hakuya, oblivious. "The signs ...
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  3. Fanfic Strip 1 - Headlines

    Every once in a while, I get an idea for a short comic strip of writing, of sorts. Basically, it's a small passage of fiction that is its own work, and is intended for humorous purposes.

    That being said, here's the first one, titled Headlines.

    In recent news from Calgary, Alberta: a piracy organization that deals with Blu-Ray audio discs, called the “Swap Your Blu-Rays” party, was fined $260,000 by the Albertan government, who said that their actions were “undignified” ...

    Updated 5th June 2010 at 05:39 PM by Zekurom

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