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XY Anime: Current Opinion

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I haven't posted here in a while, so I figured why not?

Here's my current opinion on XY:

It's nothing special.

  • Ash is more competent and yet at the same time he gets over-glorified at certain points. It's always up to Ash to save the day, never to Serena, Clemont or Bonnie. I enjoy his regained competence but it almost feels like writers are trying to make up for Best Wishes and it's painfully obvious. Plus, the entire group revolves around Ash, Ash is always admired, a girl has a crush on him, he's basically your ideal hero.

  • Serena sucks. I like Serena, but the harsh truth is that she sucks. She hasn't battled a single trainer properly, she rarely does anything, she is passive all the time and even her shipping lacks the substantial hints. She's poorly written in all aspects, one can only hope she was more like Iris despite being widely hated in these forums, because Iris actually did stuff, was competent, didn't rely on others and more importantly, she battled and was an actual Pokemon trainer. One of the things she has going for her is her sisterly bond with Bonnie which quite frankly adorable because the two have great chemistry.

  • Clemont is one of the best characters in XY. His character arc started slowly to come along at the beginning of XY but recently his focus has faded and has been replaced by some more Ash focus. (because who doesn't want that?) Plus, he almost never uses Bunnelby anymore. I am sick and tired of Chespin being used, I want some Bunnelby.

  • Bonnie is one of the best, if not the best character in XY. She's cute, endearing and childish, but not at all annoying and has shown that she can be mature and patient and that she knows when to let go. I eagerly look forward to her next episode since her episodes are always so mature despite featuring the youngest members of the main cast.

  • Team Rocket is ... Team Rocket? I don't really care about them. I just want them to go away. Either that or do something significant, like making Jessie a coordinator during DP.

  • So far, XY has done a really good job in portraying the gym leaders. Viola and Grant whom I originally found bland were made interesting and I enjoyed their presence. Even Korrina was given a lot of focus, maybe too much for my taste (the entire arc was dreadful imo), but she was also developed nicely and established as a proper character.

My main problem with XY is that it does nothing to stand out. It follows the same old basic formula. It's basically a half-assed DP. We have a competent Ash again, but his focus comes at the expense of focus for other main characters.

We have a Serena, who never battles, rarely gets any meaningful focus and is simply just there.

We have no supporting characters aside from Sycamore and we have no absolutely no rivals.

We have no Team Flare (yet, anyway) and basically, this show lacks conflict.

Conflict makes a series interesting, and XY has none of it. Everything is fine and dandy, the main cast gets along super well which can get a bit tedious and annoying and everyone is always super nice. There are no rivals, but simply a bunch of characters of the day. Clemont's character arc has taken a backseat, Serena and Bonnie have no characters arc and everything revolves around Ash.

Overall, XY is okay but it doesn't make me excited like Best Wishes once did. I hope the return of Malamar (if it ever returns) and Team Flare make this show interesting because XY is in desperate need of some conflict between characters.

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  1. Reila's Avatar
    "It's nothing special."

    I agree. Some episodes are amazing, but most of them are okay at best.

    "Serena sucks"

  2. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    In my opinion, X/Y is rather unbalanced. I do agree with you on Serena, she does virtually nothing and I constantly think that the writers don't know what to do with her at all. I also feel she was only written to be a bland love interest for Ash given how she doesn't like it when people get flirty with Ash, not to mention she hates getting dirty and likes only cute things, giving her a stereotypical girly personality. Her Fennekin is no different, having a snooty personality, hates getting dirty, and is loyal to Serena... and that's pretty much it, and given how Serena does nothing as being a trainer, it's unlikely ever going to evolve to a Braixen, let alone all the way to Delphox.

    Clemont and Bonnie are arguably the best characters in the show, and definitely the most developed of the gang, since they have interesting stories to tell, it's just a shame that the writers have had them take a back seat so Ash does everything, and it seems like the writers have forgotten Bunnelby in favor of Chespin. As for Team Rocket, why are they still on the show?

    The lack of conflict bothers me a lot, since all the characters are super-nice, get along with each other, and never argue. Ash is the big hero who gets all the attention and does everything, Serena is the bland love interest, Clemont is the smart guy and Bonnie is the cute tag-along kid, and they are basically perfect in every way, and it makes the series feel unbalanced. I can't say X/Y is the WORST arc, it just needs a lot of improvement.
  3. Kyriaki's Avatar
    I don't know though... Does it really matter if Serena battles or not? She's not doing any badge quests, and there are plenty of people with pokemon who don't battle in the games as well. Looking at the upcoming episode titles, it seems she'll be more into PokeVision (becoming a celebrity idol or something), so I don't see any reason for her to battle. Besides, there had been plenty of strong female battlers in the past - I don't think Serena's worse for not battling like her predecessors. She's got her own way of appearing in the show.

    I do like the lack of supporting casts in XY, though - it makes the show more compact and better focused, imo. Best Wishes had way too many and it was one of the reasons why the series was epic fail. Barely any of the rivals received enough development and almost none of them had any of their rivalry resolved fairly. The three friends from the XY games are appearing soon, so they might be the rivals. Also, there was the ninja boy Sampei or whatever his name was. It's possible the Mega Evolutions special will eventually merge with the main episodes and Alan and Lysandre will provide more drama in the show.

    XY seems to have more interesting stuff coming up, so maybe there will be a lot to look forward to.


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