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Thumbs up for Best Wishes!

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A new Best Wishes trailer aired after today's episode revealing the new protagonist which like everyone assumed, was Ash in his new BW clothes. But not only did his clothing get a redesign - Ash finally has color in his eyes.

Check it out here.

The animation looks neat, at least IMO and we get a plenty of new animation improvements such as Pikachu's new Iron Tail and plenty of CGI-animated attacks. The information that the Best Wishes saga will be faster paced than Sinnoh makes me wonder how will it affect the Pokémon anime, but I do hope it's for the best. Iris and Dento are starting to grow on me even more and I do hope neither one of them turn out like Brock.

This whole thing reminds me somewhat on Kanto, but we have yet to see the premiere. Seems like Ash tries to capture even more Pokémon which is yet another reference to Kanto or 'Gotta Catch 'Em All!' Well, I guess this is all I have to say write. XD I'm ecstatic for Best Wishes to begin although I will awfully miss DP.

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  1. Buizelfan!'s Avatar
    Same here, agreed with all your points. I'm really hoping we see Ash catch Pokabu and Mijimaru in the first episode. The preview has made me extremely pumped for the new series - can't wait!
  2. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    He changed his eyes.
  3. Tsutarja's Avatar
    True. Oh God, wonder what they'll do to TR. :o
  4. Kasumi's Avatar
    This preview has got me all excited. XD;

    I love Satoshi's new design. He looks all kinds of adorable. :3
  5. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Me too. I hope this preview wasn't just a delusion to trick us into watching Best Wishes. Because if it was, I totally fell for it.
  6. MossyOwl's Avatar
    I'm still sort of "meh" on his new eye color change. Hope they change TR's style a little.


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