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Something I need to let out.

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For the English class, we were supposed to describe Sherlock Holmes and his character through the movie we watched two classes earlier, a.k.a the one with Robert D. Jr.

I wrote the text and when the professor brought the text, she said she didn't give a grade because she was sure I cheated on it. (wtf?) I wasn't even sure that I'll get a B and she said to me how my work was too perfect and I used some complicated words. And just for the record, English is not my first language. I was so surprised when she told me as well how she was certain that I cheated on it and that she even looked it up on the Internet to see if I found it elsewhere. She first gave me an F because I was rude towards her, but corrected it with an A later. Yet, I'm still offended by her actions.

After having straight A's in English for 7 years, she still doubts in me. :S It was like there was no way my vocabulary could be expanded well enough to use some of the words and collocations I used in the text. There, I needed to say this. Sometimes, a teacher can be a real ***.

Carry on!

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