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My first week of college.

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by , 6th October 2012 at 01:24 AM (200 Views)
It was better than I expected, to be honest. While I still have trouble remembering the entire city and despite the fact I had some slight issues adapting to this whole new life, things went well. The teachers seem nice (well, most of them) and I met many new people so now I don't have to hang out alone during breaks. ^^

It sucks that I don't have regular Internet access, but I've returned home yesterday and it doesn't seem like much has changed on the Internet. :D

As for the college classes, I have 6 of them in this semester and I'll do my best not to fail any of them and work hard to get the highest grades. I really feel bad for Mom as she's worried sick because of my brother's studies so I'll try that she at least has one son less to worry about. I'm sure being a good student would make her happy.

She also mentioned the possibility of a laptop, but I said that she doesn't have to rush with it as I want to get over with the current expenses first.

Anyway, yeah, my first week of college is over.

How have you guys been doing? ^^
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  1. Sunburn's Avatar
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    Sounds like you're doing just fine :D and that's great that you're really concentrating on your studies; that isn't the case for many people, even after they've paid good money to go to college.

    And I've been doing very well, thanks :P
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  2. Bubble Frog's Avatar
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    Good job, sounds like things are going great for ya.
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