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Smugleaf's White Forest

Welcome! I hope you find your share of fun in the White Forest!
Sincerely, your Smugleaf.

  1. ...

    I just listened to the Lavender Town tone that was supposedly responsible for killing over 100 children in Japan back in 1996.

    I felt nothing.
  2. I've been researching Yin and Yang.

    So based on the Black and White games ...

    If Bianca is Yin and Cheren is Yang, could the main character stand for Wuji? Wuji stands for "ultimateless; boundless; infinite", basically neutrality.

    I find this rather interesting. (:
  3. I hate Iris, Misty is so much better.

  4. Ask me ANYTHING!

    I will answer you honestly.
    The forums
  5. So, today was strange.

    I'm not a type of person who hangs around a lot, especially not with a lot of people. I'm quite shy, but I did something very strange today.

    The girls from ours and other classes had some lecture about the breast cancer, so we guys got to skip the class since our teacher was also a girl and she had to go to the same lecture. But instead of avoiding socializing with anyone (I'm usually to shy to join anyone since I'm afraid whether someone will accept me or not), so I simply decided ...
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