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Smugleaf's White Forest

Welcome! I hope you find your share of fun in the White Forest!
Sincerely, your Smugleaf.

  1. I hate Iris, Misty is so much better.

    by , 19th March 2011 at 04:02 PM (Smugleaf's White Forest)
  2. Ask me ANYTHING!

    by , 18th March 2011 at 03:26 PM (Smugleaf's White Forest)
    I will answer you honestly.
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  3. So, today was strange.

    by , 17th March 2011 at 04:35 PM (Smugleaf's White Forest)
    I'm not a type of person who hangs around a lot, especially not with a lot of people. I'm quite shy, but I did something very strange today.

    The girls from ours and other classes had some lecture about the breast cancer, so we guys got to skip the class since our teacher was also a girl and she had to go to the same lecture. But instead of avoiding socializing with anyone (I'm usually to shy to join anyone since I'm afraid whether someone will accept me or not), so I simply decided ...
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  4. I dislike Trubbish ...

    by , 16th March 2011 at 03:35 AM (Smugleaf's White Forest)

    Though this picture makes him rather cute, gotta admit it. <3
  5. Anime I'd like to recommend to you guys.

    by , 14th March 2011 at 04:17 PM (Smugleaf's White Forest)
    It's called 'Nagasarete Airantou'.

    It's about a teenage boy Ikuto, who runs away from home and ends up drowning in the water. He's later fished out by a pretty girl named Suzu and is shocked to learn how he's the first male and only male in the island in the last several years. Not able to escape from the island due the whirlpools, he's forced to remain on it.

    It's hilarious, not to mention how every single girl in at the island wants him. You can easily find the first ...
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