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Smugleaf's White Forest

Welcome! I hope you find your share of fun in the White Forest!
Sincerely, your Smugleaf.

  1. My fan fiction.

    I cannot believe this, but I'm finding my inspiration in Best Wishes anime. Not in a way that I use similar concepts, but that an episode really makes me going and more determined to actually finish this thing.

    I have this strange feeling that this will be the first fic. I will actually finish. It's a journey fic. so ... *fingers crossed*

    Btw, new chapter is up! You can find the link in my sig.
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  2. Damn school.

    Seems like I will have to shorten my time here. Now that the school is on again, I will only be online at the morning before and in evening after school.

    As much as it sucks, I need to find a way to deal with not going online since I need to improve my grades.
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  3. This is it.

    Winter break is over and today is my first day of school after three weeks.

    Wish me luck!
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  4. Just realized this. XD

    I'm afraid of snakes in real life, and yet Tsutarja is my favorite Pokemon. The irony! *shot*
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  5. So, it's snowing again.

    After a warm week, it started snowing yesterday and is still snowing non-stop. Let's hope they extended my winter break.
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