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I hope my main girl lucky streak continues.

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by , 21st July 2013 at 12:42 PM (930 Views)
When I got back into anime during DP, I loved Dawn. Then Best Wishes started and now I love Iris. So hopefully, the next girl character is as awesome as the two. :D

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  1. Bubble Frog's Avatar
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    I have a pattern that goes:

    ^^;; --- : ) --- u_u ---- : 'D
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  2. Reila's Avatar
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    According to some people, Iris is a clone of Misty and by that logic, the next girl will be a clone of May

    So yes, she will probably be awesome :D
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  3. HumanDawn's Avatar
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    My pattern is:

    :/ --- :3 --- ;_; --- :D!!
  4. dracoflare's Avatar
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    My pattern...............


    Well Iris does have similarities to Misty, not in character but trivial stuff like being a Gym Leader in the games. Other than that I don't see much similarity between them.

    I <3 Misty because writing a fanfic in her POV made me like the complexities in her character. She's hard on the outside, crack a bit then there's an emotional woman who strengthened herself, who has a taste towards romance. I never had much opinion on her till then.

    I like May, because she had some cute moments.

    I <3 Dawn because of Megumi Toyoguchi. I liked her character for some reason. I liked when she got tough after falling down. I especially loved her during the Wallace Cup Arc where she revived a bit. After the 8th badge, Grand Festival she was delegated to cheering section. I liked it when she told to Barry and Conway to shut up when she was watching Ash versus Nando. I like her character very much, and the voice Megumi Toyoguchi gave her, just made it awesome.

    I like Iris because she had some cute moments and her character has some depth (like when she understood Excadrill in the Georgia intro episode, her school life.)

    Ahh, yes something is wrong with me when I write a lot more in the comments than a blog post :3 I am turning into Pokemonfan132
  5. Nymphia's Avatar
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    Your happy lucky streak is not so happy with me. I hate various issues with Iris although I don't dislike her at all. Mainly because is too childish, is in the anime only because she's 10 and his inconsistent development and screentime.

    About her development of Iris, the better is Excadrill. The worst in Axew with difference. Emolga has the Club Battleand it wasn't that bad and Dragonite (I hated during JC, I like it after that).

    With Dawn, it's not perfect (I still love her, of course) even in DP. Buneary/Pâchirisu phased out, the Grand Festival (skipping battles), Piplup has way more screentime than Pikachu (ansd Pikachu > Piplup) and there'0s a rthing named Kenny. Not to mention the cameo and his noticeable fault. And forgot the Ambipom-gate.

    May. I like the simple team, specially because how Hoenn was with COntests. I like Drew and Harley a lot. I don0't like that May is unfamous fro DEM, Contest battles (AG) and noirmal battles are very similar. And has oine of the departures more detailed of the anime.
  6. FireBlader15's Avatar
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    I like Dawn she was one of my favorite females in the anime and game but didn't like the anime Iris I still liked her but the black2 and white2 Iris was way cooler so I like that Iris more. So I bet the X and Y anime female we be Viola's sister now I feel that I have predicted the future.
  7. Miles101's Avatar
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    I really liked Dawn, to the point where I've adopted her catchphrase, but Iris is just meh. I loved May, due to her wonderful temper and eating habits. Misty was the first girl i knew and she was decent-ish, but nothing special if you think about it.
    It all depends on my tastes, really.
  8. speedingbulletbill's Avatar
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    <3 --- :| (S6-8), :- (MOMP, BF, DP cameo) --- :) --- ;D
  9. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
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    Female Leads for Me: <3 (Misty: Seasons 1-5)
    :) (May: Season 6)
    :D (May: Seasons 7-8)
    :D (Misty: Seasons 7-8 in Cameos)
    >:( (May: MoMP)
    :( (May: Season 9)
    :) (Dawn: Seasons 10-11)
    >:( (May: Season 11)
    :l (Dawn: Seasons 12-13)
    :( (Iris: Season 14)
    :) (Iris: Seasons 15-16)


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