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Smugleaf's White Forest

Greninja is real.

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  1. Kanon Shirogane's Avatar
    Froakie's final evolution is pretty bad ass.

    Fennekin's final evolution was a little awkward towards the eye at first, but its grown on me now. (It's rather clear that they based Fennekin's evolutions on Witches and the like)
  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
    My biggest problem is the tongue and the final stage it looks so different from the first two lines. I mean, I guess you can apply the same argument when discussing other starters, but I just expected something different. Then again, maybe the official art changes my opinion. I dunno, the sprite in the game just doesn't look quite right imo which is why I was always so set on calling it fake. Poor quality didn't help either. :/ Oh well, I was wrong. Hopefully it grows on me.
  3. Akromatic's Avatar
    I'm starting to get used to the tongue.
    Also, see below.
  4. Tsutarja's Avatar
    That does look nice.
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
    Have a safe landing!
  6. WindBlast's Avatar
    I dunno, but isn't that tongue anatomically impossible?
    What? it's pokemon so everything can happen you say? ok XD
  7. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    You should probably post more blogs, I don't think you've posted enough today.
  8. Tsutarja's Avatar
    @TheMissingno.; Good idea.

    And you should make a comment about stuff that is actually relevant to the blog.
  9. Hoopa's Avatar
    That tongue can reach anywhere.

    And yes I'm saying this because I'm scarred from rule 34 of this.
  10. Chiplet's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Talonflame
    That tongue can reach anywhere.

    And yes I'm saying this because I'm scarred from rule 34 of this.
    No, just.. ugh.. stop. Stop right there.

    Uuh, I'm disappointed. Not that I'm able to judge that clearly considering how blurry the image was, but uuhh... I really hope its official artwork will look better.

    Delphox on the other hand... BAAM. Absolutely love it. Surprisingly it's kinda leaning towards Fennekin now, which is the one I liked the least at first. Still waiting for Quilladin's evolution though.

    EDIT: Alright just saw Chespin's final evolution and... omg. I think Fennekin will be my pick after all.
    Updated 2nd October 2013 at 06:06 PM by Chiplet
  11. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
    I like Greninja :(


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