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Death Note finale - it is finally over.

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by , 27th June 2011 at 04:34 PM (333 Views)
Wow, I can't believe I'm done with this anime. The ending was satisfying in a lot of ways, I truly disliked Yagami Light for a while now. Though I actually can't believe I rooted for him a little bit at the start, but after L's introduction I started to dislike him more and more, and in the last couple of episodes I came to hate him. Although this may sound silly, but I really liked the fact Matsuda was the one who shoot Kira and stopped him from killing someone. I actually liked his character throughout the entire series, it was believable and well executed. I even dare to say that I liked Matsuda more than Light. :D

Near and Mello? Hm, I liked Near (very, especially when he outsmarted Light) but I'm not so sure about Mello. Perhaps if he had gotten more screentime? He wasn't L enough for me, though their quirks of eating food or as it was in Near's case playing were pretty amusing. L himself was an epic character to me, especially since he was right all along. :/

I feel so sorry for Misa and I find it a shame that we don't find out what happens to her. One things that I liked the most about DN was her. Things were getting really dark, and as such a feminine and cheerful character like her was very well needed and I'm glad to say they did a good job with Misa-Misa. It's funny how someone like her turned out to be second Kira, oh well.

I don't know what much to say. Brilliant series, whoever wrote or thought of the Death Note concept is a brilliant person in my eyes as the show itself kinda seemed intellectual, not to mention thrilling at some points.


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  1. 투 애니원's Avatar
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    Yes we both have the same opinions :D Misa is absolutely my fav character, I always felt bad when Light degraded her presence and the way she was treated by him its really sad. I felt even worse for her because she loved Light so much. IIRC Misa died one year later on valentines, she committed suicide just for that stupid bastard. T.T I really wonder what Light ignored her, it just supports the fact that he truly is gay. His name says it all. Light Yagami (backwords) IM A GAY. LOL!
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  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
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    She committed suicide? :(
  3. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
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    Yeah, she jumped off Tokyo Tower or something. It's weird.

    I spent most of the series expecting her to betray Light and become his enemy because it seemed that she was almost TOO willing to be his lackey and that he took her in too easily. He was pretty much asking to be backstabbed at that point but they didn't go with it.

    By the way, something that will amuse you now that you've seen the whole series. I know they say in the series that "Kira" is derived from "killer", but it's also a name. It means light. And for Pokemon fans it has a hilarious double meaning because all that "god of a new world" stuff? The masculine form of the name Kira is Cyrus.
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  4. Tsutarja's Avatar
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    Now that can't be coincidence, can it? lol
  5. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
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    Oh probably not. Especially since they both get taken away by a death god (even though Cyrus is still very much alive where he is, but still). Oh yeah, and are pursued by someone with a massive sweet tooth (although Cynthia, likewise, is also still alive) and their childish protogee (although Dawn/Lucas actually ARE children...)
  6. 투 애니원's Avatar
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    Pure lulz! I thought Misa would live longer. She did gain extra lives when she touched the deathnote again right? Man I need to watch the show again its been awhile.
  7. Tsutarja's Avatar
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    @~2NE1~ - Well she shortened her life anyway when she traded for Shinigami eyes 2 times. :|


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