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Yep, someone informed the police about the "bomb", which was supposedly set in our school. I entered the classroom today with my classmates, only to leave few seconds later, as the police asked all students to back away. Man, was it full of kids today! <_<

I'm glad something like this happened, since nothing interesting ever happens in there. xD Even though it took them only 30 minutes to search through the entire school (wtf?), it was kinda exciting and full of tension.

Sadly Luckily, there was no bomb.

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  1. Noivern's Avatar
    Let me tell you, bomb pranks and/or false alarms are not, and will never be fun. It just ruins productivity. At least I never had something like that.
  2. manathief's Avatar
    My high school's had more bomb threats in, 60 year history than you can shake a stick at.

    I don't even understand that particular idiom, but whatever.

    Anyways, there hasn't been one while I've been here. Craziest thing that happened was a drug search that happened this one time in my freshman year.


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