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Best Wishes Season 2 Episode N - Episode 1 & 2 Review

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But first off, what did I think of the OP and ED?

What I thought of the OP theme?

Needless to say, I liked it much, MUCH better than the previous opening. The second half of the song sounded much better and the epic scenes made up for an awesome opening. I mean, Achroma, Ghetsis, Team Plasma destroying a skyscraper, Charizard confronting Reshiram, N with Anthea and Concordia - it's highly promising. However, we have yet to see if BW will deliver in aspects of the Team Plasma plot, which we have all desired for such a long time.

What I thought of the ED theme?

​It was pretty much cute. Not my type of song, but simply cute and adorable. There were many sweet scenes, especially N with his Pokéfriends or Charizard and Dragonite being best bros ever. I find it to be a refreshing change after the Meloetta ED.

Next up, episode reviews.

BW2EN - 1 - The Araragi Institute! A New Journey!!

It was a mediocre episode which I believe I would have liked much better if I understood the dialogue. Nonomi wasn't as annoying as I thought she would be and her reactions led to some funny reactions from our BW trio. Speaking of trio's, I don't get what writers are trying to do with Team Rocket. :/

Why is the Meowth balloon back when they're still unnecessarily serious? Why are they after Pikachu again? While I liked the TR song that played in the background, it highly contrasted the characters they are in BW. They're not the same people as before and I just don't get what's the point of the balloon. Are they in a period of transition or something? I surely hope so, because I truly miss our old, lovable trio.

We got to see Paparagi again and a mention of Reshiram, finally, something related to the plot of the upcoming arc. And of course, that final scene showcasing N, it was just brilliant. I'm already excited about his appearance in the next episode.

BW2EN - 2 - A Friend...His Name is N!

This was such a better episode than the previous one.

First off all, I gotta give props to the writers for once. While I doubt the whole N/Ghetsis relationship will be explored in details, kudos for being able to interpret N's character in a good way, keeping his quirks and characteristic as well as abilities. His stare at Ash at the beginning was creepy, but so much in-character for him. His whole appearance brought a certain, serious mood to some scenes, like when he realized Ash's dream was to become a Pokémon Master, he was clearly against it.

While I still don't understand what writers are doing with TRio, at least they were utilized in a useful way which allowed us to witness how far N is willing to go to protect Pokémon (a trait that will be seen soon once more). And lastly, N's ability to communicate and interact Pokémon around him was touched upon. Him calling for Alomomola to help Pikachu was so cool. Good job writers, good job.

And yes, Ash seeing Zekrom is likely to play a role in the future, looking forward to seeing that explored. And another little thing I liked, not that important, was Cilan being a science sommelier and acting all skeptic towards N's claim to hear the voices of Pokémon. Small, but nonetheless, nice touch. Overall, this was a good episode.

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