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Best Wishes S2: Episode 4 Review - A Cilan Episode! Meh.

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I won't even bother adding pictures to this review because, let's face it, this episode was so dull and boring and I feel like I would be wasting my time doing it for an under average episode that just wasn't funny or amusing. Sorry Cilan, you're just not funny, like, at all. :/

There's not much I can say really anyway. We have a little boy worried about his missing Pokémon and Cilan, a wannabe detective who makes up crack theories that all end up failing. This episode was just pointless. Why would Iwane bother using his precious talent to animate something like this?

Eh, to the stuff I liked:

- Brock reference! BEST PART OF THE EPISODE!!!

I literally went 'YES!' when Dawn mentioned him again and then I realized she probably made a comparison between his and Cilan's eccentric behavior which made sense, to be honest. I was so happy to see Brock again, I kinda miss him now that I've had enough of Cilan. Hopefully this leads into more flashbacks/references to past characters such as Misty/May/Paul/Zoey, etc.

Iris and Dawn's reactions to Cilan.

Made complete sense and remained faithful to their girl bond developed back in episode 3. I like how Iris wasn't really annoyed by it, but more like amused since she's gotten to see it so many times it's just gotten ridiculously pointless. Luckily, Dawn took on that role so I loved seeing the girls make amusing faces. ^^

- Pignite VS Mamoswine

Because I just really enjoyed this training battle. ^^


Overall, this is the worst episode of Best Wishes Season 2 so far. The plot failed, Cilan failed, the comedy failed and sadly enough, despite the few rare moments of this episode I actually found enjoyable, this detective episode as whole was a complete disaster with the negatives completely outweighing the positives. A waste of Iwane's talent, a waste of time and space.

And just like the first Cilan Detective episode, I will never watch this again.

It was simply bad.

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  1. Chiplet's Avatar
    ...Was it really that awful? D:

    I didn't watch it, due to being forced to use the school computer while my regular one is at reparation, and I actually felt rather sad for missing it. Now... I don't know anymore. XD

    No one seemed to particulary like it, but I thought that it would at least be slightly entertaining. *Sigh*

    Oh well, I guess I can at least look forward to more interactions between Iris and Dawn and a Brock reference. :P
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    This episode had one good thing: I got a new avatar from the episode from it.
  3. Lumi's Avatar
    Overall, this is the worst episode of Best Wishes Season 2 so far.
    Well, has season 2 even been good so far.
  4. Don's Avatar
    @Tsutarja, no reaction to Iris screaming that Dent's "a pain" right at him? I surely thought you would.

    I'm often reminded why I'm glad I never look too much into Pokémon, from that I'm very able to like episodes like this. I was scratching my head on just what made this 'terrible', I know it wasn't a great episode, but.... Until I then realized, it's all because I'm easily entertained and find Dent entertaining.

    Unlike that Tabunne episode, even Dent's antics couldn't save that episode from being average for me.
    Updated 19th July 2012 at 09:37 PM by Don
  5. Tsutarja's Avatar

    I actually didn't know about that. I don't speak Japanese so I didn't really know what Iris said or why Cilan reacted the way he did. :/ If he did react to her words, then I'm a very happy person. Perhaps this episode wasn't that bad after all.

    Wow, Cilan actually reacted to Iris. Or should I say, wow, Iris actually criticized Cilan out loud. xD
  6. Don's Avatar

    After hearing her say it so many times, I'm easily able to tell when Iris is saying "a pain" in Japanese.

    Yep, Dent reacts because Iris screams it right at him. It was brilliant. Basically it went down like this:-

    Dent: (sulking): A pain.... a pain...."

    Iris was more annoyed than usual by Dent's antics. It seems it was due to him trying to claim he knew about something, twice, which he didn't (and one of them being Dent trying to cover up the fact all his deductions were wrong). Then Iris recovered Dent by noting that often your friends can be a pain, but that's what makes travelling with them fun. Reminding us, despite all of that, they're still good friends.
    Updated 20th July 2012 at 10:26 AM by Don
  7. JennaJayfeather's Avatar
    Aww I think my avi deserved a picture on your blog. ;-;

    I really want to make a gif of Dento fangasming over saying "HAAAAAI~"

    This episode was so golden to me ;-; words cannot explain why. *sniff*

    For one thing it had Dento PULL a TAMAKI. XDDDD I thought Dento was too smart for that but apparently he has some idiot in him too. x3

    Dento's just too ADORKABLE, ADORKABLE, ADORKABLE....X333333
    Updated 26th July 2012 at 10:02 PM by JennaJayfeather


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