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Best Wishes S2: Episode 10 Review - Badass Samurott

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by , 15th September 2012 at 05:55 AM (658 Views)
Here's my opinion on the latest Best Wishes 2 episode:

Good points:

- BGM. The first thing I've noticed was a decent amount of music I've never heard before and it felt really refreshing. I hope they keep on using new tracks as the music really made the episode for me this time around. :>

- Kotetsu/Ash bonding. Yeah, I can see why people compare Ash with Kotetsu, both of them are pretty dumb but they also make great companions, despite the fact they would have starved to death if it weren't for Meloetta finding an apple tree. Kotetsu himself has grown on me but is it just me or does he laugh way too much? o.o

- Meloetta. She actually did something in this episode, she interacted with people and Pokémon, helped out Ash and Kotetsu and had some nice face expressions.

- Kotetsu's team. Riolu, Ferrothorn and Samurott? Awesome so far.

- Kotetsu's Samurott was and looked incredible. And I loved the epic music that ensued when Kotetsu brought it out of the ball. The double Razor Shell was sweet!

Bad points:

- As much as I liked the battle and Ash/Kotetsu getting to know each other, I really do feel like this could have been two separate episodes. One that could perhaps give even more depth to Kotetsu and another one dedicated to a battle. I also wish we could have gotten to know Marlon more

- Lack of variety in moves. Indeed, as far as I've noticed, Marlon used zero water type attacks. I know it's not mandatory but it would be nice to know why he's the water gym leader if his Pokémon don't have any water attacks. Instead we got a Mantine with ... Bullet Seed? Seriously? And Samurott's moveset wasn't particularly unique either. Hydro Cannon was okay, but Razor Shell and Aqua Jet are two moves that Ash's Oshawott already possesses.

- Another thing I disliked, not particularly tied to this episode, was the sadness over the strong Pokémon Ash will never posses. Oshawott will most likely never evolve due to the money his merchandise brings so it's a shame to observe a rival having a fully evolve form of a starter Ash already has. At this point, I hope for Emboar (Since Pignite is pretty damn strong) and Snivy evolving at least once or learning a new move.

Overall: A decent episode.

We could have gotten two instead of one, but I'll settle with what we got. It wasn't that bad either as there were numerous things I enjoyed.

Did you know that Brock's VA voiced Marlon? :D

Now, let's hope that next week's episode is at least somewhat enjoyable. I am excited to see what we'll get out of this Team Rocket arc.

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    I really liked that episode. :)


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