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Best Wishes S2: Episode 1 + Opening Review - Oh, my incredibly adorable Iris!

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Needless to say, all you'll get here are spoilers!


- Iris & Cynthia were the highlights of this episode for me. Iris, because her blushing and sudden embarrassment over Cynthia completely won me over, haha, it was realistic and such a nice touch on her character in regards to her in-game counterpart who finds Garchomp, and I quote, cute. Iris finally took some initiative and gathered courage to ask Cynthia for a battle which would inevitably help her in her goal of being a Dragon Master.

- Cynthia left a much better impression on me this time because she also served as this comedy-relief character due to her immense love for ice creams, haha and especially the Tsunbear AISIII! xD She wasn't just this serious Champion, she actually made me chuckle which is a good thing and seeing her help out Iris made me like her even more.

Also, as some you might assume, I have to touch upon the issue of Iris VS Cynthia. Everyone seem to use the, Paul couldn't even touch Cynthia, excuse in order to call out Iris once again. It seems that those people don't realize the drastic level of difference between those two situations.

Cynthia VS Paul: Paul is a douche who needs to be knocked down a peg and the writers use this situation to demonstrate Cynthia's strength (who goes all out on him) along with Paul being wrong about his methods in training of Pokémon.

Cynthia VS Iris: Cynthia is clearly going easy on Iris, allowing her to demonstrate what she's capable off so far. In this situation, Cynthia was depicted tough as well (much like in the previous scenario), she was merely going easy on Iris. And even with that, Axew could barely make a scratch.

Pretty much, Garchomp could have raped Axew if he wanted to do so, but the situation didn't call for that. Iris wasn't some a-hole who needed to learn how to appreciate Pokémon, she was a young, aspiring Dragon Master who did her best to teach from a battle with Cynthia. So, I would really appreciate it if you guys could stop claiming that Cynthia was "de-powered" when that clearly isn't the case.

Cynthia was helping Iris and that is all.

Though I will have to admit, I found Axew learning Giga Impact a little bit BS. Not that I mind though, since other Pokémon (Crustle, Pansage, Scraggy) have also pulled out moves out of their asses, so nothing is wrong with Axew doing it either. He now has a full moveset of nice moves which will allow him to get some further growth and thus assist Iris in accomplishing her goal (and possibly evolve?). I'm so looking forward to World Tournament now! :D

But, still not Outrage? :/

- Jessie/James/Meowth - ZZZZZZ.

- Oshawott and Emonga bickering was pretty amusing and I really liked Meloetta's song. I like the fact how they bothered to get a VA who can actually sing for this Pokémon.

- Cilan didn't do much in this episode, but that's okay since he'll be getting his spotlight in the next episode. I'm just glad Iris and Cilan now know that Ash is friends with a Sinnoh Champion. I still hope she mentions his Sinnoh League accomplishments. :/



Hmm, the opening itself was good but the song was simply okay, it could have been better. I'm a little bummed with Kenyan returning (because I don't find him all that interesting and his name gag is HORRIBLE) but at least I'm glad that Trip is getting a shot at redeeming himself. Also, Bianca! <3
I was expecting the song to be a little more ... exciting, but it wasn't - it was simply okay. (I'm still waiting for my Saikou Everyday-esque song) xD

The most interesting part of this OP was the significantly darker one where pillars suddenly emerge from the ground before Ash. I couldn't help but to notice the resemblance to the Dragonspiral tower which makes me hopeful about some Plasma plot in season 2. Though at the same time,the pillars could merely be symbolizing obstacles in Ash's path which he'll overcome with Pikachu. :/



Best part of this whole opening, I'm looking forward to his appearances in the WT.

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  1. System Error's Avatar
    More on this Dawn situation. I'm specifically curious about that one promotional image. It looks like she's trying to play peek-a-boo with Ash.
  2. Tsutarja's Avatar

    Yeah, I assume this will happen at the very beginning of the episode as they arrive at her villa. :D
  3. CrackFox's Avatar
    Haha Cilan and Iris are like 'da fuck is she!?'
  4. Sweet Veil's Avatar
    Pretty much, Garchomp could have raped Axew if he wanted to do so
    Cynthia's Garchomp is a "girl" dude. 0_0
  5. Tsutarja's Avatar

  6. Trainer Yusuf's Avatar
    On topic of Cynthia vs. Paul, she didn't go all the way to him either, unless he was using actually strong Pokémon(Weavile, Torterra etc.) as he was using his weaklings to be level grinded by Garchomp particularly Chimcar, hence the entire reason the episode exists.

    As for Axew learning Giga Impact... yeah, no. This was the perfect opportunity to showcase Outrage once more to foreshadow future events and to showcase the move without Axew causing too much collateral damage, but alas... I respect the intent though. They are making his movepool more close to Cynthia's Garchomp, and oddly enough, but probably intentionally Barry's Empeleon. I just hope Iris won't "arrow of light" the s*** out of Ursula if we get a Hoenn filler arc or something.

    Cynthia being used for comedy is great though. Especially since it is done in a way that doesn't harm her previous personality.

    Also I disagree about Stephan part, but I do agree about name gag part.


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