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Smugleaf's White Forest

Ash needs to get this madafaka

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I already like him better than Ash's Oshawott. :D

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  1. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    Sorry , But I don't want Ash to end up another annoying Oshawott who main job is to create trouble and chess after girl .
    We need a Male cast like that , Not Pokemon !
    So Ether Frokie should fully evolve Or Ash should catch another water pokemon .
    Don't forget that Ash have a chance to get another frog if Palpitoad ever evolve .
    That make Frookie completely unnecessary Starter !
    Plus , Ash already has 3 water starter Pokemon so if one of them evolve then its fine .
    Like Totodile , It didn't appear at all for a long time so I don't think its evolution will affect the Marketing .
    If Fennkin evolve into a Fire/Psychic type then its the perfect starter for Ash because he doesn't have ether a Psychic Or a Fox/Dog/Wolf based Pokemon .
    As for Talonflame , Bravery appear first but it wasn't the regional bird Pokemon .
    So chances are that Ash might catch another Flying/Normal Pokemon .
  2. CrackFox's Avatar
    I'm not that keen on it. Chespin looks way cuter in those gifs and as others have said, I can't be bothered with another zany water type for Ash. Not after being exposed to Osha for so long.

  3. Reila's Avatar
    ^ I don't remember Ash ever having a zany Water-type starter. I like Chespin, but Ash had three Grass-type starters in a row (Sceptile, Torterra and Snivy) and only Oshawott, since Totodile back in Johto, so hopefully he will catch Froakie. Chespin and Fennekin should be owned by the companions, like Torchic and Mudkip in AG.
  4. Karisse's Avatar
    Oh my, that's so .... peculiar. XD
  5. dracoflare's Avatar
    I like Chespin. He has earned my love with his wink.
  6. FireBlader15's Avatar
    First Palpitoad is a toad not a frog.

    I'm planning get Y because once I saw Yvetal's special move I knew I was not getting X first so I'm picking Fennekin


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