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Smugleaf's White Forest


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  1. Oswin's Avatar
    I'm not the only one who thought this was going to be some porn, right...?
  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Filthy porn is sooo outdated. <.<
  3. Kyumorph's Avatar
  4. Tsutarja's Avatar

    Yes? :D
  5. Kyumorph's Avatar
    @Tsutarja That was a what in general.
    For one, I can't understand how Green associated that .gif with porn.
  6. Milo†icgirl McQüeen's Avatar
    I'm gonna go a little different....

  7. Baron Brixius's Avatar
    Did she died?
  8. Tsutarja's Avatar
    @Baron Brixius

    Nah, she just decorated the floor with a massive, bloody faceplant. :P
  9. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    I hope the phone is alright. The killer wouldn't want to waste a perfectly good phone right?


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