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Am I a bigger idiot for caring?

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So, the new XY anime teaser is out and I look at the top comment which says:

Not gonna lie. I am more excited for the Pokemon Origins.

And I'm just like ... I can't believe they're doing this. Will The Origin fans use this opportunity to check out every single Pokemon anime video to crap all over Ash in order to praise Red and the TV special? I can't even express in words how much I am annoyed right now, and then I start wondering, should I just stop caring? How do I stop caring? Am I a bigger idiot for caring as much as I do? Is there any need for this?

Why are they doing this?

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  1. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    Don't Blame the fans , Blame the Director/Writer !
    If They handle Ash better then people wouldn't start bashing him and praising Red .
    Plus , There is no longer any hope for Ash unless Director/Writer take pity on Ash-fan .
    But again To Director/Writer , Us Ash-fan are nothing more the garbage and our feeling doesn't matter more then Trip-fan !
  2. Bikini Miltank's Avatar
    What you saw there was one fan calmly expressing their opinion, not "fans using this opportunity to check out every single Pokemon anime video to crap all over Ash in order to praise Red and the TV special". People are allowed to like different things.
  3. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Except it isn't just one fan. I don't understand the necessity to praise 'The Origin' special in a completely unrelated video. If you want to praise that special, please go to countless trailers that have already spread all over Youtube. However, that doesn't seem to be enough for them. I don't know about others, but that really bothers me, as a fan of the upcoming XY anime.

    They're not just liking it, I wish it were just that. But it isn't.
  4. Tophat Dragoneye's Avatar
    I recommend you don't read youtube comments, it isn't healthy to do that.
  5. Tsutarja's Avatar
    I'll do my best.

    Well, don't expect any more Red/The Origin blogs from me, I am officially done.
  6. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    Let it go !
    As far as I see , Pokemon Origin might be the beginning.
    We might get another Ethen Special , Brenden special , Lucas special , Hillbert special & Nate special in future .
    And People will compare them with Ash and call Ash lame .
    Unless Director/writer purposely ruin them for Ash .
    This is my biggest fear about Pokemon Origin .
    After all , Pokemon Director/writer are Master at ruining a good Character .
    Remember how they ruined N and made him look like a useless guy who's specially is getting beat up by Pokemon .
  7. Neo Blaze's Avatar
    Yeah, I saw that comment too, but that was a pretty modest comment. There are WAY worse comments on YouTube. I am annoyed too. Everyone is allowed to have its own opinion, but I hate how they use Pokémon Origins (and earlier on, the B2W2 trailer) as a reason to bash the regular anime into oblivion. But yeah, why should I even care.
  8. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    I can sympathize with these people who are sick of how badly Ash and the anime as a whole has been treated. That being said, their anger is misdirected, and Pokemon Origins is more than likely not going to be the Messiah of Pokemon anime that they think it's going to be. The problem is with the writers, not the characters, they're too lazy to make a plot beyond lame COTD plots that serve as glorified toy ads. Pretty much any Pokemon anime is doomed to suck in their hands.


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