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Voltorb Flip.

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Voltorb flip is amazing.

I spend HOURS over it, even though I already have all the prizes. -___-

Some people complain: 'AW I WANT THE SLOT MACHINES BACK[strike]BECAUSE I LIKE GAMBLING AND PORTRAYING HOW FAMILIES BREAK UP AND BUSINESSES GO CORRUPT[/strike]' Well tough luck, stop gambling and start feeding your mom who sleeps on the couch while you seem to be a millionaire.

anyways, this is my first blog post and it sucked.

hope no one reads this.

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  1. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
    Dear, its [s][/s] Much easier no?
  2. System Error's Avatar
    Voltorb Flip is actually more bullshit than the slots in my opinion.

    The slots don't try to hide the fact that they're random, but with Voltorb Flip, even the special programs designed to help will only get you so far before your ass is inevitably blown the fuck up and you get sent crashing back down to the bottom. Plus, the slots offer the chance to buy coins, whereas Voltorb Flip just blows you the fuck up.
  3. Preußen's Avatar
    Per System Error
  4. mangomusher's Avatar
    @ AiedailEclipsed, yes I do suck at forum crap. ;)

    @ System Error, lol. I personally loved the slot machines, but they frickin banned it in platinum. all you could do was take coins from the machines. I hardly ever get blown up, (cos of my super ability to win at everything pokemon related)so imo it's awesome. ;)
    btw, can't wait till you reach gen 2 on your ms paint thing, It's inspiring.


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