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  1. comic 3 -

    did this in sai. its a bit random, but w/e.

    its also rather big @_@

  2. comics~

    I'm gonna do a comic strip. I was gonna do it on the oekaki but then I would spam it soo - heres one and two.

  3. Go visit my shop. :D

  4. Voltorb Flip.

    Voltorb flip is amazing.

    I spend HOURS over it, even though I already have all the prizes. -___-

    Some people complain: 'AW I WANT THE SLOT MACHINES BACK[strike]BECAUSE I LIKE GAMBLING AND PORTRAYING HOW FAMILIES BREAK UP AND BUSINESSES GO CORRUPT[/strike]' Well tough luck, stop gambling and start feeding your mom who sleeps on the couch while you seem to be a millionaire.

    anyways, this is my first blog post and it sucked.

    hope no one reads ...