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Where do I go from here?

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This blog is mostly related to my (mostly) dead fanfic located here. If you're not much of a follower or not interested, feel free to turn back.

So a few nights ago, I was going through my old files related to this fanfic. I have tons of chapter snippets, quotes, alternate endings, character biographies/analysiseseses, concepts, even pointless backstory that nobody will ever know about. I got to reading my ideas for the final chapter, which I even started writing a little bit. Then I read the section 1 and 2 finales, or at least the concepts behind them.

They're pretty good, if I do say so myself.

But the problem is, I don't know how to get to them. I have a general idea of how the story progresses, since I have that all planned out, but I ended chapter 7 (the last one that my partner and I finished) in a weird place that I don't know how to escape from properly.

Chapter 8 has gone through several rewrites, but the beginning has stayed the same. The main character, Andrea, catches a Pokemon before sending her current travelling partner home so he can finally enjoy his vacation from his own adventure. Currently, I've had the main character almost becoming a Gyarados' lunch while crossing a river, a random "NPC", so to say, actually becoming a Gyarados' lunch and her witnessing it, and a different approach, the main character accompanying her father to his place of work, the Storm Island Police Headquarters.

All of these have been pretty terrible. While the police headquarters route sets up a subplot that will surface much later on, it turns into a boring early 90s Law and Order-like chapter. The plot goes nowhere, there's too much wordy dialogue, etc. But apart from those three ideas, I can't figure anything out. I thought about making a throw-away plot to attach to the end of the capture of the Pokemon and the sendoff of the friend. But I am literally without ideas.

Catching the Pokemon is a major point that needs to happen, as it later goes on to become a cornerstone in her team. Same with the way she sends her friend home, that'll feed into emotional/personality development later on. So I can't just warp to the next area without that stuff happening. But I'd also feel weird cutting an entire route out between the city the character is leaving and the forest she's travelling to, especially in the middle of a chapter.

So, anyone else have anything? This little issue right here is the reason this fanfic has been cancelled, but I don't want it to end like that. I've been looking through the weekly prompts in the Writer's Workshop, but nothing has really worked out.

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