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I'm confused

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by , 22nd September 2011 at 10:51 PM (301 Views)
So earlier tonight I was visiting another forum and there was a topic about the legalisation of marijuana in the US and a petition on the White House's own webpage that has nearly doubled the goal it set for signatures in just the first day.

That forum is generally very liberal when it comes to drug use, legalisation, etc. So naturally, people flocked to the thread to pour out their support for the movement, pushing forward their own aspirations of how they want it legalised, regulated and taxed.

Then I started reading the names of the people posting how this will be the greatest thing to have happened in the past 50 years for the US government. Of everyone who posted showing their undying support for the government regulated legalisation of marijuana, 90% of them bitch and moan about how the government shouldn't be regulating health care, they shouldn't be taxing us, they shouldn't blah blah blah...

So, I'm a bit confused. There are these people who are violently anti-establishment who cheer on every ill conceived notion of people rising up against "government oppression" saying it's a victory for the common man when nothing really happens. Then they turn around and say "Aww yeah, the government should totally do this for us!" Why? Why sell your own views about your own government short just because it might get marijuana legalised?

I don't get it. I typically view these kind of people as a little... out of their mind to begin with, but then... bleh I don't even know. It just seems so strange, and I'm wondering if anyone else is confused at stuff like this as well.

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