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Several Funtastic Events

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by , 31st May 2012 at 03:01 PM (199 Views)
This has been an interesting and busy time period in the life of Enzap.

For one thing, today was my last day of Junior year and I'm proud to say I passed AP Chemistry with a B. :DDD I'll be really sad to see a lot of my senior friends leave. One of them is my friend that I've grown up with since I was about 2. He's going to college out of state so I won't get to see him very much.

My birthday is next Wednesday. I'm hoping to get Kid Icarus: Uprising. Especially since its the only thing I asked for. Didn't really know what else to ask for. XD

And last but certainly not least, I recently celebrated my 2nd Bulbaversary!!! As of May 20th 2012 I have been a Bulbamite for 2 years (in case you needed Bulbaversary defined :P)

I think that's all for now.

Stay Awesome.

Enzap out~

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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    ask for the new Paper Mario game

    I thought you were gonna hold out until your birthday to make another blog.

    But anyways, congrats on your second Bulbaversary and all your good fortune.
  2. Enzap's Avatar
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    I thought I was too, but the situation called for it. lol

    Thank you. :D


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