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My Impression So far

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by , 11th March 2011 at 11:45 AM (409 Views)
Thought I'd do another cliched blog. I'm going to post every once in a while about how I'm liking White so far. I've had a tone of school work, so I'm not very far yet. I just beat the last grunt in Pinwheel Forest.


I'm loving using all the new Pokemon and moves. Also the graphics are very nice. I thought the battle animation would annoy me, but it actually improves the game I think. Also the new features such as seasons is a very nice touch and adds some more realism to it. I think the gym leaders are nice and are appropriately challenging. The variety of Pokemon you can find early on is very convenient. Finally, I like how quickly the wild Pokemon seem to level up with the ones you use. The jump from level 9 to 15 startled me, but it made leveling up easier.


So far nothing major has stood out to me, and I don't feel like making up something right now. I'm sure I'll find something to complain about by the time I finish so I'll add this later.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully I'll have another update within a week.

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  1. Kars's Avatar
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    coolio whod you pick?
  2. Enzap's Avatar
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    I got Snivy. I was going to pick Oshawott but I also wanted Panpour. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices.


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