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  1. Animated Villain of the Day Triple Feature: Regis Mark V (Megas XLR, Part 2)

    Foreword: "All I wanted was a mega slushie" - Coop, Megas XLR

    Ah Megas XLR, you were a show truly ahead of its time, with your cool and rather lazy mecha pilot (Coop) pulling powerful plot devices out of nowhere and protecting and wrecking New Jersey on a daily basis from monster attacks in his giant robot (Megas), Jamie (the sidekick) screaming like a little girl, and the future girl Kiva who kicks ass in hand to hand combat, and often helps Coop fix his mistakes. Oh, and

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  2. A Formal Announcement

    Hey, so after about two months of informal work on the project I finally have some actual details on my next fan fic, which is tantamount to an announcement that it is a thing that is happening. However, due to research, planning, and a desire to have a head start on chapters before I begin posting it will not be happening until the fall.

    Regardless, I can confirm that the fic will be called "Vaira," which is both a derogatory term against migrants in New Guinea and a sort ...

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  3. Dude...



    Am I the only who didn't know this was possible?

  4. Bleh stress

    Bleh difficult people

    That is all.
  5. My eyes...!

    I'll say this. I f**king HATE found-footage format films. Y'know, everything is recorded with a handheld camera or something? Like Cloverfield or Chronicle? I didn't realize Earth to Echo was that kinda movie. The movie was... okay, I guess. It's one of those "friendly alien crashes to Earth and needs to get home but is chased around by government assholes" E.T.-like things. What looked good looked good. The plot was kinda cliched. But the way it was shot. Mother of Arceus. Shakiness ...
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