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by , 5th June 2010 at 09:05 AM (520 Views)
Heading there now. Wish me luck guys, even though I know nobody will view this. xD;;

Hopefully I get an invite to nats... that would be terrific! Laters! :D

*Heads to Atlanta*

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Updated 8th June 2010 at 11:50 AM by Dawn~

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  1. Tiki Man's Avatar
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    Good Luck!
  2. DCM's Avatar
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    good luck! remember, breaking your opponents DS is completely fair.
  3. Badal's Avatar
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    a bit of heads up
    Try to stay away froM:

    Those 2 guys on the bean bag, namely Tyler422 and Alaka
    They're brilliant and Alaka bagged 9th at worlds last year So make sure you don't get paired with them
    And also stay away from:
    Mattj- He is a great Breeder and will crush anyone (almost)

    And also:
    mingot (the one on the right)- Godfather of RNG, 'nuff said.

    Best of luck and represent Bulba!!!
  4. Dawn~'s Avatar
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    Thanks for all the kind comments, guys! I saw Alaka there and Mattj. I don't believe I saw Tyler422, and I talked to neither of them (I'm way too introverted! Too scared to talk to anyone. Haha.)

    It was a BLAST. I sooo would have done well if I didn't make a huge mistake. I even foreshadowed my loss! I kept saying "Just ONE mistake and you're out of the tournament" to people in the line when they were asking what format the tournament was in [single elimination].

    So, while I didn't do Bulbapedia good... I will for sure next year. Expect to see me at Nats next year, everyone! [: I did damn well for my very first time ever trying out competitive double battling.
  5. Sublime's Avatar
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    <8D ha ha ha


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