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The Emmys

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Did anyone else watch the Emmys last night?

Did you agree with the winnings? Some of them were pretty good. The others were, meh. I mean, half the shows that won were not even good shows, IMO.

I think Steve Carell should have won for Lead Actor in The Office.

Hugh Laurie should have won for his role in House, MD. Hugh Laurie is awesome.

Everyone knows 30 Rock is the best comedy series out there.

Modern Family!? I saw Modern Family and cancelled my cable because it was so bad! What!?

Breaking Bad? What is that? If House and Breaking Bad were in a boxing match, Breaking Bad wouldn't even show up because it's so horrible.

What's up with using 30 Rock's theme for the montage that showed the Outstanding Comedy Series nominees and then giving the award to Modern Family? That's like saying, "Hey, your music's good, but your show stinks!" Ugh.

I think the Emmys were full of Emmy votes. Yeah, that's right! I said it!

Note: Before you comment and flame me for how horrible my taste in television shows is and how much of a n00b I am, keep in mind that I don't watch too much television and that my world of television is indeed, a very small one.

Vent over!

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