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  1. Just got a 3DS!

    by , 3rd November 2013 at 12:36 AM (Heyyo!)
    After years of being out of the loop, I finally upgraded to a 3DS. Now I just need some friends. I have Pokemon right now, but I plan to get other games as well. Will most likely be getting AC:NL and maybe Mario Kart soon. If you don't mind adding strangers to your friends list, my FC is 2036-7838-0948.
  2. So...

    by , 11th January 2011 at 01:59 PM (Heyyo!)
    Tomorrow is going to be a big day for me. I'm moving into my dorm for college. w00!

    I'm not sure, at the moment, how that'll affect my rangering on the URPG. However, I'll be sure to let everyone know.

    Well, I can't wait. It'll be great to have a change of scenery after being in the same old place all my life. Wish me luck!
  3. As if I didn't waste enough of my time roleplaying...

    by , 22nd November 2010 at 09:47 PM (Heyyo!)
    I went and bought a subscription to the City of Heroes MMO. It's really cool. I already waste enough time in the URPG and the forums, now I'm gonna waste even more time. lol

    But I digress, it's a really cool game. If anyone here plays it, I would love to play along. So far, I'm a Level 4 Blaster, and my username is rockman0.

    If you don't play, then you should check it out. NCSoft is offering a 1-week trial and the game will be $10 for Cyber Monday! Can you tell that ...
  4. The Emmys

    by , 30th August 2010 at 02:06 AM (Heyyo!)
    Did anyone else watch the Emmys last night?

    Did you agree with the winnings? Some of them were pretty good. The others were, meh. I mean, half the shows that won were not even good shows, IMO.

    I think Steve Carell should have won for Lead Actor in The Office.

    Hugh Laurie should have won for his role in House, MD. Hugh Laurie is awesome.

    Everyone knows 30 Rock is the best comedy series out there.

    Modern Family!? I saw Modern Family ...
  5. It's been a while...

    by , 27th August 2010 at 08:23 PM (Heyyo!)
    ...since I posted here. Nothing new has happened in my life. Like I would tell you anyways. Hmm, I'm a ranger now in the URPG, but that was a long time ago.

    Hey! I'm on Twitter! My life is officially over. Not really, it only takes like 5 seconds to tweet something, unless I love tweeting. I'm thinking of something else to say so that this doesn't sound like spam.

    You know something I never got? Why do all of the Johto episodes end with "on the road to Johto?" ...
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