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  1. An Update on the Game I'm Making

    Just some updated graphics I've made for my game. I've cut off some of them so no one will steal the graphics.
    Name:  Temp. BG tile file.png
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Size:  1.7 KBtemp.-character-sprite.png
  2. I'm making a game! :D

    After playing the amazing indie game Cave Story (five times over! Now working at the sixth :3), I decided to create a game with one of my friends using the software Game Maker 8 (I'm going to use code as opposed to the click and drag style that some use on Game Maker.)

    We're still brainstorming story ideas as of now, but I've got one plot that I really think we might use. Here's a couple sprites I did, just to try out my spriting skills. Probably won't use, but I'm just trying to ...
  3. Scizor+Absol=Abscizor! (Sprite editing)

    Here's a sprite edit I finished yesterday. It's in an attached file. Please tell me your opinions on it in the comments!
    Name:  Absol-Scizor.png
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    Updated 3rd November 2010 at 07:22 PM by Paragon

  4. My opinion on the first two episodes of Best Wishes

    Someone on Youtube already posted the first two episodes of Pokemon Best Wishes. Even though it was in Japanese without subs, I could pretty much tell what was going on. And I just have to say, it's freaking incredible! They nailed it! Some things I noticed that really wowed me:
    • Team Rocket is serious! They have an air of evil to them now, while still keeping a bit of humor (sort of like they were at the beginning of the series). I mean, instead of getting blasted off, James threw a smoke
  5. My Game 'Pokemon Shadow Version'

    I'm removing this post because I recieved an infraction for it. :\

    Updated 22nd July 2010 at 10:40 AM by Paragon (I recieved an infraction for this post)

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