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The man who would be mega.

1,000 posts!

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I have exactly 1,000 posts right now! I hadn't even noticed.
Anyways, I've decided to change my avatar. Which of these do you like more?

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Wow dude congrats. :D
    The third one looks pretty cool.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Congrats! I'd say second. The first would be my second choice.
  3. The Knights of Wario Land's Avatar
    First off, let me tell you that you have the greatest username ever.

    Second, I suggest going with the third one. Bass Cross is so effing awesome.
  4. Froakie's Avatar
    I'd say the second one, it would look nice as a avatar as it's a good size and has a background.
  5. Pandaun's Avatar
    I say second as well... it is a good size and wouldn't have to go through a ton of compressing, so it'd still be clear what the picture is. And, yeah, it has a background like Croag said!
  6. Infinity Storm's Avatar
    Chaos Napalm Soul Megaman!
  7. Kutomba's Avatar
    Second, has a background
  8. Feralize's Avatar
    I like the second one.
  9. TFSpock's Avatar
    I like the second best. BTW, congrats! :D


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