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  1. Stupidity

    Why is it not a reportable offense?

    Granted, a quarter to half the people on the Internet would be banned, but at least the remainder would keep their sanity.

    Updated 4th December 2010 at 12:14 PM by Azure Butterfly

    Misc Stuff
  2. Sick

    Sick is not fun. I slept until two and now I keep running into things because I'm dizzy. D:

    And my throat hurts, which is the worst bit. :(
  3. This Fandom

    Okay, so, copy pasting here because I'm lazy.

    started playing during the Ruby/Saphire generation. Never played R/B/Y/G, and my Gold cart I bought a few years ago is glitchy as hell to the point of being almost unplayable.

    I don't like the plots at all though. Ruby's plot was incredible shallow and boring to me (I was ten) and all the games since have had boring plots based on the legendaries. I thought that R/B/Y/G/S's lack of much plot was a lot better than a terrible
  4. Pokemon Sunday

    "Masuda-san is going to reveal a new Pokemon!"

    "What is it?"

    -fans lean in-

    Watch it happen. D:D
  5. Random Blog Post #1

    Let's get the whiny part out of the way:

    I am so sick of running into arrogant people. You have no right to think you're the greatest person ever even if you're good at something.

    It is September. I think it's my favorite month. ^_^

    I have sprited a Flygon from scratch. :3

    I am writing more. ^_^
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