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Azure Butterfly

Dear Banner Ads

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Seriously, I have Avast and Spyware Doctor on my computer, and while they usually block most everything bad, sometimes even the two of them run into issues. Poor Computer just BSOD'd on me in order to protect himself - and then shut down again the next time too. D:

It's always the fucking banner ads too. On medium-popularity sites, I'm usually okay, but when I go to somewhere like Fanfiction, DA, or Cracked, I constantly get the little bastards on my computer. Then I get them on Bulbapedia sometimes, and I seriously wonder if the ad companies are honestly trying hard enough to combat them.

Still making sure everything's all right now, found a virus and killed it, but still terrified. >.<

Also, Wikia sucks. I go to some of the sites sometimes to look at something and I always have this problem. That was the cause of this one.

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