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  1. I'm cool with this.

    If it's '98, Tajiri-san is still in charge of creative development and Masuda-san hasn't taken over.


    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    (insert about 1234534123789757651238975156 more :D's here)
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  2. This Poor Excadrill

    Number Three
    Male, Modest, Sand Force, Strong Willed, Lv. 37
    HP: 131 (~8)
    Attack: 94 (~1)
    Defense: 52 (~8)
    SpA: 48 (~6)
    SpD: 62 (25)
    Spe: 70 (~1)

    Thank goodness I caught him - all the wild Pokemon would have beaten him up! D:
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  3. Book Fail

    We went to Borders today because it's supposed to be going out of business and my parents insisted. They had a section of valentines themed children's books there and guess what there was?

    A book about that Shuckle episode.

    It was truly a thing of beauty. The book had pictures directly from the anime and a few captions, so a seven year old could easily read it.

    I keep seeing the parents' reactions to Shuckle Licks Jessie's Navel and laughing inside. ...
  4. Oh God Not Again

    The Pokemon fandom has invaded my dreams again.

    I can't remember any other part, but I had a dream where Serebii was my principal. ;_;

    Oh, and I think there was a part with Tajiri-san in it, but I'm not sure. Something about him having a giant pet beetle.

    Say what you will about the chanting in Gechis's battle theme - it totally sounds like DENNNIS DEEEEEENNNNNISSSS.

    So, the next time Masuda-san comes to some event, everyone should gather around and start chanting DENNNNNIS at him. Who's with me? :D
    Pokemon Stuff
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