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Dream Journals

Records of all of my messed up dreams.

  1. Oh God Not Again

    The Pokemon fandom has invaded my dreams again.

    I can't remember any other part, but I had a dream where Serebii was my principal. ;_;

    Oh, and I think there was a part with Tajiri-san in it, but I'm not sure. Something about him having a giant pet beetle.
  2. The Butterflies are Evil O_O

    More weird dreams tiem!

    I had a dream that there we were going to a Chinese resturaunt. However, they thought we were evil and wouldn't let us in. We had to get something that was hidden in the resturaunt, so we went around through a bunch of secret passages and reached... outside? There was a cave or something, and a beach, and all of a sudden, a bunch of evil guys pop out of nowhere. I had my Pokemon with me, so I fought them off, and someone told me that the reason the Chinese ...
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  3. What.

    I just had a dream that some of the students in my school were evil aliens. They were trying to kill me, but I somehow managed to get away and face off against their leader in the gym. I knew it was a dream, and I literally told the alien "This is my dream, stop being a jerk or I'll just imagine you turning into an orange or something!" They didn't believe me, so I started throwing Aura Spheres at them. They missed, so I ranted about how the attacks weren't supposed to miss.
  4. I am not a bunny D:

    Dream Journal tiem!

    I had a dream that I was on an out of control train. It crashed several times, but I was okay. Then I got off of it and there was this strange fountain thing. There were a bunch of holes in the wall and the wall was covered in cream times. A waterfall was pouring over the wall. There were some birds living in the wholes.

    Then I was at a bunch of cages with birds in them. It was really sad because all of the birds were sick or dying and the people ...
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  5. More strange dreams

    I had a dream that my Ruby version and Twilight Princess combined. Link's house was a secret base, and Ganon was the Champion. O_O

    Then I had a dream that one of the brooms from the Sorceror's Apprentice was in the LoZ universe. It was a girl and had a crush on Link.
    Dream Journals
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