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Username History

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Just noticed that I've had ten different usernames in the time I've been here, which seems like a lot to me; I know there's people with a lot more, but there's also people who haven't changed theirs once.

So here they are from oldest to newest (in between some of the later name changes I did return to Blitzle for a little while--for example I wasn't "Hush" for six months):

- May 2010, Blueberrymuffin :
The name I joined with. I think I was eating a muffin when I signed up. Not sure. Apparently it lead a lot of people to think I was a girl. Which I'll point out here that I am in fact a boy. Though now I'm no longer a boy, I am a man!

- July 2010, Wooguru :
Because when Braviary was first shown this was its Japanese name's romanisation apparently. It changed to Wargle sometime later I think. But yeah, Wooguru was awesome when it was first shown, so that's why I chose that name.

- September 2010, Washibon :
Rufflet's Japanese name. Obviously because when BW released in Japan Rufflet and Braviary were two of the coolest mons.

- October 2010, Janovy :
I began to appreciate Servine - this is its Japanese name. Lots of Japanese names back then, huh.

- December 2010, Blitzle :
A name that I'm still known by to some. As soon as I saw Blitzle it was a favourite of mine, but I never wanted to use its Japanese name because, eh, Shimama sounds a little weird for me. As soon as Blitzle was revealed as its English name I took it.

- July 2011, Switcheroo :
To the annoyance of many, I got bored of Blitzle and wanted a change. I thought Switcheroo was a pretty cool name, but apparently it isn't so I'm a bad person and should feel bad. But I don't so who cares. :P

- November 2011, Hush :
Named after the Batman villian, Hush. I played Arkham City and thought Hush was a pretty neat character, so I had this name for a little while.

- April 2012, Archimedes :
Archimedes the owl from The Sword in the Stone. This was just for April Fool's day, where the forum banished everything pokemon and I was modding the Disney section.

- April 2012, Zeb :
So I picked up this name after not wanting to return to Blitzle again (even though I haven't listed it all, I did return to Blitzle numerous times in between a lot of these name changes). Zeb isn't necessarily "Zebstrika", it's more "zebra", since Blitzle > Zebstrika to me, so I wouldn't downgrade from Blitzle to Zebstrika.

- June 2012, Gym Leader Shizui :
This was for the B2W2 event where all the staff became World Tournament participants. Shizui is Marlon in the English games if anyone reading this doesn't know. I wanted to be one of the new guys, so yeah, I chose aquatan. Also Water-types are pretty cool.

And then back to Zeb again and here I am. Nothing great about this blog, but I felt like posting my username history cuz I can. :P

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  1. Oswin's Avatar
    Go back to Blitzle pls
  2. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
  3. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
    Zeb is best name ever pls. Don't ever change it again <3


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