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Rodents in the kitchen

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Really, Pokemon? I mean, really? Watchogs cooking food? Rodents cooking the food? I have to question the health and safety in the Pokemon world even more now. No wonder there's so many doctors and nurses just hanging around Unova, the place has deathtrap gyms and a blatant disregard for hygiene.

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  1. Playerking's Avatar
    What if Watchog was approved by the health and safety board?
  2. jda95's Avatar
    The only disease in the Pokemon World is one everyone wants to catch, so.....
  3. garrison-san's Avatar
    Did you learn nothing from Ratatouille, Zeb?
  4. Zexy's Avatar
    Haven't you found out what is happening yet?
    Watchog act like normal people. They are cooking food, watching the Junior Cup...

    Oops, if a Watchog was watching the Junior Cup, don't we need Cookhogs for cooking?


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