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A Nostalgia Blog: My Childhood Favourites of Gen I!

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, 27th April 2012 at 02:49 PM (274 Views)
I was thinking about something the other day: when I was a kid, sat with my Gameboy, playing Red/Blue, which pokemon did I think were awesome, that I don't really think are awesome now?

Essentially what were my favourites when I was a kid that I don't like at all/don't like as much (for whatever reason) over 10 years later.

I can't really remember everything about why I liked them, I just remember either always catching and training them, thinking they looked really cool, or (even if they weren't) thinking they were strong and/or rare.

It's a nostalgia blog, basically.

I was never really a fan of Charmander or Charizard but I loved Charmeleon. I also loved Ash's ignorant Charmeleon in the anime.

Arbok was cool. I probably liked it because it was cobra (I was animal-obsessed when I was little) and I thought snakes were awesome in general.

IIRC Sandslash was probably one of my top 5 favourite pokemon along time ago. I used to have a little Sandslash toy. I still like it now, so maybe I shouldn't list it, but if it was my favourite then and it's nowhere near my favourite now, I can get away with listing it.

I still like Venomoth, much the same as I still like Sandslash, but I liked it more than I do now. Some of these sprites are really ugly though.

I thought Dugtrio was really, really strong. I was like 7 year old, leave me alone. :p

I can't remember why, I just remember always catching and training one.

Was I the only person who thought Golduck was one of the coolest pokemon ever? It just looked awesome.

I was a Victreebel fanatic. <3! I always caught and trained a Bellsprout onto my teams (in Blue). I thought it was epic. I wish I still did now actually. I remember drawing pictures of it, too.

I loved Golem's design. I didn't care for Geodude or Graveler though. Just like Golduck and Victreebel, I wish I liked it more than I do, these days. Another ugly sprite though.

Another one I loved. I probably just thought it looked cool. Oh, and it might have been because of the episode in the anime where Ash rode on on a Ponyta in a race, which later evolved into Rapidash and beat the guy on the Dodrio (I hated Dodrio with a passion).

Unbelievably, yes. I recall numerous times catching one (a Drowzee) before facing Lt.Surge and using it on my team.

Just awesome.

I have no idea. I really dislike this chan now, so I really can't recall why I liked it back then.

Really, really boss design. Then Kingdra came along with its awesomeness and I guess I just forgot about it. :(

It was hard to find in the Pokemon Mansion iirc, and its design was neat (Magmortar has killed it). I probably thought rare = really strong or something.

Who didn't like Jolteon.

Cool design. I always chose the Dome Fossil over the Helix Fossil.

And that's that. I used to like them when I was a lot younger playing Red/Blue, but now, not so much.

Of course there's pokemon that I liked in Gen I that I still like now (Nidoking, Scyther, Poliwrath, Ninetales, Arcanine, Cloyster etc).

And there's plenty of pokemon I didn't like back in Red/Blue that I like now... Actually I might do another blog on that topic next. :)

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  1. Sunburn's Avatar
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    Nice entry, this made me think of some Pokemon I used to love that I really don't care for now :P we have Hypno in common; I can't believe I used to like it as much as I did... I also used to like Muk, for whatever reason :/ I think I thought its cry was cool or something '^__^ I still love Kabutops and Golem though, Kabutops was my first level 100, so it definitely has a special place in my heart :p thanks for making me think about my early Pokemon-playing days, haha
  2. Baron Brixius's Avatar
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    Dugtrio was my fav because it made it easy for me to level-grind middle-game.
  3. DCM's Avatar
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    I still use Arbok on my NU team.
  4. Garren's Avatar
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    Most of my Gen 1 Favorites are Pokemon I had no interest in as a kid. I was all into the big guys like Charizard, etc.

    But now I've grown to appreciate dudes like Tangela, Graveller, and Drowzee
  5. Oswin's Avatar
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    • permalink
    IIRC Sandslash

    Never mind the blog, how did you make the IIRC all fancy? ;A;

    (Awesome choices, although everyone knows Hitmonlee is the better Hitmon ;) )
  6. Orion's Avatar
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    • permalink
    You ever played Pokemon Yellow? It fixed the bad sprites, and is a lot better than Red/Blue IMHO.


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