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Mega Evolutions: Next (Part 2)

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Here's a link to the first part which I posted back in March.

These aren't meant to be super realisitic predictions, just my ideas.

Huge Power
55 HP / 65 Atk (+30) / 100 Def (+50) / 35 Sp.Atk (-20) / 120 Sp.Def (+10) / 115 Speed (+30)
Close Combat, X-Scissor, Poison Jab
Ledian is super cute and one of my favourite Pokemon ever, but sadly it absolutely sucks. Its stats are unsalvageable with a 100 point increase limit without giving it something like Huge Power. I reduced its Sp.Atk since its physical movepool is pretty good while its special movepool sucks. I made it Bug/Fighting since it's a better typing than Bug/Flying and fits Ledian, while also allowing it to use its decent Fighting moves like Drain Punch and Focus Punch. I would add Close Combat, X-Scissor and Poison Jab so it gets a couple more decent moves to use. Cool thing would be is that, while nowhere near as strong as Mega Mawile or Mega Medicham, it would be faster and also has access to Swords Dance. Other moves like Encore, U-turn, Baton Pass, Roost and Knock Off would top it off. It would even be usable in Doubles with its cool support moves like Tailwind, Safeguard and dual screens.

Tough Claws
70 HP / 115 Atk (+30) / 75 Def (+10) / 115 Sp.Atk (+10) / 105 Sp.Def (+20) / 150 Speed (+30)
A really speedy mixed attacker/sweeper. Tough Claws and Swords Dance helps with its awesome physical moves while it can still use some special moves like Leaf Storm, Focus Blast, Giga Drain if it needs to. I made it part Dark since out of all the choices I think it fits Sceptile most and it does get Crunch by egg moves (also Night Slash and Pursuit through level). Even though it's fast and can sweep, things like Ice Shard and Talonflame can still take it. I think it would make Sceptile a very threatening Mega.

Strong Jaw
70 HP / 150 Atk (+30) / 100 Def (+60) / 105 Sp.Atk (+10) / 50 Sp.Def (+10) / 85 Speed (-10)
I envision Mega Sharpedo looking more shark than torpedo-shark, which is the reason I added to its physical bulk as they are very tough creatures. It's also the reason I chose to lower its Speed slightly, losing the speedy torpedo shape but still being reasonably fast. Strong Jaw is chosen because sharks. And Jaws, of course. Crunch and Ice Fang receive a lovely boost. I was considering Adaptability but I think it might be a bit too much with Speed Boost before evolving. Speaking of that, Speed Boost before evolving would allow Sharpedo to accumulate a boost or two to then sweep/clean once Mega Evolved, but that comes with the risk of Sharpedo's paper defences before evolution. So there's a risk.

70 HP / 120 Atk (+20) / 90 Def (+20) / 145 Sp.Atk (+40) / 95 Sp.Def (+20) / 40 Speed
New Moves: Flare Blitz
Numel has Simple before evolving into Camerupt, so it's time Camerupt benefit from that amazing ability. Assuming a speed neutral nature (let's just say Modest) with 252 Speed EVs, a Simple Mega Camerupt using Rock Polish hits 716 Speed in one turn. That's the reason I didn't touch its Speed. It also has Growth (very wtf I know, but it's an egg move in XY) which would be +2 to Attack AND Sp.Atk (+4 under sun whoa). Then Howl, which is a Swords Dance but you might aswell just use Growth. Also Stockpile, Amnesia, Defence Curl and Curse to make defensive use of Simple, has nice offensive moves like Earth Power, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Fire Blast. Simple Flame Charge might also be another option, but I'd give it Flare Blitz as it's lacking any decent physical Fire STAB.

Water Absorb or Storm Drain
70 HP / 85 Atk / 190 Def (+50) / 105 Sp.Atk (+20) / 100 Sp.Def (+30) / 20 Speed
Torkoal, like Ledian, is another of my favourite Pokemon. The stat boosts are all what I would say are fairly standard. Its based on a furnace, which are very hot, so I gave it an ability that would make it immune to Water, turning the water into steam. Both have benefits, not only removing a weakness, but one would recover HP which would suit Torkoal fine since it has no recovery moves, while the other increases its Sp.Atk allowing it to hit that bit harder. Either would be fine with me.

65 HP / 50 Atk / 80 Def (+10) / 125 Sp.Atk (+30) / 110 Sp.Def (+30) / 95 Speed (+30)
New Moves: Hyper Voice, Boomburst (Quiver Dance?)
Chimecho is another Pokemon I love that's also pretty trash. I honestly don't understand why it's a Psychic type. It's a wind chime: sound moves in Pokemon are typically Normal, wind is pretty much associated with Flying type and then a lot of inanimate objects are Ghosts. Psychic for it just seems very out of place to me. So I added the Normal typing. This way it gets STAB on Hyper Voice and Boomburst, which I would add to its movepool (it learns Hyper Voice through the Dream World in Gen V, but that's not good enough). Adaptability would give it some oomph, so even though its stats aren't the best for a Mega, it still hits nice and hard. It also has some really cool support moves like Healing Wish, Wish, Heal Bell, Disable. Recover is also amazing since Megas obviously can't hold Leftovers.

Refrigerate or Sheer Force
80 HP / 130 Atk (+50) / 80 Def / 110 Sp.Atk (+30) / 80 Sp.Def / 100 Speed (+20)
New moves: Icicle Crash, Freeze-Dry, Memento, Destiny Bond
Glalie should have never been pure Ice. It's based on a demon and very much looks a Dark type. Refrigerate or Sheer Force are the abilities of choice. Refrigerate notably giving it a nicely power Ice Return, while Sheer Force would its moves, such as Crunch, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse and the added Icicle Crash. Freeze-Dry is also added because Ice-types can take on the Water-types better. The stat boost mostly focus on making it more offensive oriented, since Glalie's 80-across-the-board stats don't give it any direction and making a defensive Ice type would never end well.

85 HP / 145 Atk (+10) / 150 Def (+20) / 110 Sp.Atk (+50) / 100 Sp.Def (+20) / 25 Speed
New moves: Discharge, Charge Beam, Thunder Wave, Dazzling Gleam, Wild Charge
Mega Gigalith would have Gigalith's legs retract and fold into its body and it would float using the electromagnetism. It becomes Rock/Electric and also would have Levitate. Levitate nicely negating what would be a 4x weakness. Stat boosts are to mainly to Sp.Atk to make use of its new special moves and typing. Atk, Defence and Sp.Def also receive a fair boost. Discharge, Charge Beam, Thunder Wave, Dazzling Gleam and Wild Charge all fit off the glowing and electromagnetism it would have.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    That Gigalith idea of yours is insane. I'd like to see a Pokemon like that to exist.
  2. The Outrage's Avatar
    I know you're using existing abilities, but what about a Psychic version of Pixilate for Chimecho (though Boomburst would actually be weaker)?
  3. Winterdaze's Avatar
    Bug/Fighting Ledian would be cool, I'm surprised Game Freak never made a Bug/Fighting type based around an insect using their multiple limbs to deliver punches.
  4. Reila's Avatar
    Ledian definitely deserves a Mega Evolution; Bug/Fighting with an (even more) Kamen Rider-ish design.

    The others you mentioned... meh, don't really care about 'em, although your ideas for them are quite good.
  5. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    >not having any mega pokemon retyped to partially flying with gale wings

    clearly you know nothing about the fine art of creating megas.
  6. Neosquid's Avatar
    dat mega ledian <3 though, I have issues with just slapping on huge power and calling it a day. That can't be the solution to everything with mawile syndrome. But it makes enough sense aesthetically and there aren't many other ways to make mega Ledian good short of making a new ability, so it works.

    Why does Chimecho have Adaptability? I don't see how it makes sense on Chimecho. Sure, it doesn't make sense on Megacario and maybe Basculin either, but that shouldn't be an excuse. Might as well have the abilities make sense. Looking at the ability list, I don't see anything that would help with its relatively low stats...maybe make a new ability for it? Maybe a sort of Gale Wings for sound-based moves?

    Edit: nevermind, priority boomburst off 125 sp. attack would be broken. Maybe if it was just Hyper Voice...

    I've (unsurprisingly) considered ideas for Mega Sharpedo before. I gave it Strong Jaw as well, but its stat spread was 70/170/60/105/50/105 or somefin like that. 170 base attack is about the same attack as Life Orb Sharpedo.

    Mega Gigalith sounds cool.

    Might make one of these myself. I've seen quite a few...


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