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, 21st July 2011 at 04:47 PM (309 Views)
I haven't drank any in absolutely ages.

I just drank some.

It tasted real nice.

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  1. SharKing's Avatar
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    ...Great. Now you've tempted ME to have lemonade. XD
  2. Zeb's Avatar
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    You know it's the right thing to do.
  3. Milo†icgirl McQüeen's Avatar
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    Lemonade is awesome.

    I prefer it to Pepsi/Coke, Fanta and anything else really.

    Give me a good Schweppes, Sprite, 7up and I'll be happpy xD
  4. Insanish Danish's Avatar
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    Mmm, lemonade. I want to make some now.
  5. Milo†icgirl McQüeen's Avatar
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    In UK terms lemonade is not what you make, it's the clear fizzy stuff!

    Not American version of those stalls in summer xD
  6. Zeb's Avatar
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    Yeah, I had Schweppes.

    What's the difference between American lemonade and UK lemonade? :s


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