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Tussle, ruckus and kerfuffle.

  1. Things people should try/use (use more, in some cases)

    by , 20th December 2013 at 04:47 PM (Tussle, ruckus and kerfuffle.)
    Just things I've been trying out online in XY and really liking. Some are known to be good, but others seem to be pretty rare.

    1) Assault Vest Clawitzer. It isn't the most amazing Pokemon in comparison to some stuff, but when I use it online it's pretty much taken everything on 1-for-1 except stuff like Chansey and physical Electric/Grass types (though if you can get in a move it can deal pretty big damage with its coverage). I have Water Pulse/Dark Pulse/Aura Sphere/Ice Beam. Insanely ...
  2. The worst Pokemon in XY. In my opinion

    by , 3rd December 2013 at 05:58 PM (Tussle, ruckus and kerfuffle.)
    Was just talking about this on Skype, so I figured I'd make a blog. I will be listing my least favourite Pokemon of Gen VI. I'm not a hater, far from it, but like every generation there are Pokemon I don't like. And I also already did a blog on my favourite Pokemon from Gen VI the other week, so now it's time for the bad 'uns to get their share of the time.


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  3. My favourite XY Pokedex entry

    by , 28th November 2013 at 02:27 PM (Tussle, ruckus and kerfuffle.)
    Maybe even my favourite ever, belongs to Klefki.

    These key collectors threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them.
    FIERCE JINGLING OF KEYS. How does one even fiercely jingle keys? Especially in a way that the attackers would feel threatened?

    "Please no! Don't jingle the keys! Anything but the keys!"

    Such terror.

    Klefki, you're a joke.
  4. Top 10 Gen VI Pokemon and Megas!

    by , 16th November 2013 at 08:12 AM (Tussle, ruckus and kerfuffle.)
    I said I was going to steal it from jda95 and I have.

    Even though we were given a smaller amount of new Pokemon in XY, it was quite difficult to narrow it down to only 10 because we were treated with a pretty good selection overall despite the low number.

    All animated sprites are from here: Sprites de Pokémon » Pokémon X y Pokémon Y - Pokémon Paraíso So credit to them.

  5. another mono-run... but looking for help

    by , 26th August 2013 at 02:43 PM (Tussle, ruckus and kerfuffle.)
    So my last blog was about a Nuzlocke. I started it but then I have just become bored with it; beating Cheren will be an absolute drag and most likely result in failure. Basically, I have no enthusiasm for it right now. So I've decided I'm going to do another mono-run of a game. Last one I did was all Grass in HG over a year ago. I really want to try another one. I've decided on mono-Ground this time, because it has quite a nice variety and Ground is generally an interesting type.

    But ...
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