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I don't like Katara but...

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, 11th October 2012 at 05:12 PM (243 Views)
this part was amazing o_______o
(oh yeah, spoilers. so I should say don't open the spoiler if you haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled -- though it's old, so most people will have I guess but w/e)


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  1. Buzz's Avatar
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    I love Katara already, so imagine my feelings when I saw that! :D
  2. Oswin's Avatar
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    How can you not like Katara da fuq
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  3. Shadows's Avatar
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    Katara's okay, she's just annoying in The Legend of Korra imo.
    But that moment is epic. :D
  4. Winterdaze's Avatar
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    Best use of waterbending in the entire series. Followed shortly by the best tearbending.
  5. Lugion's Avatar
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    That whole battle was nothing but awesome.
  6. Chiplet's Avatar
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    She's definitely my favorite character in TLoA. That gurl's awesome.

    All of Katara's battles have been awesome, and I'm just kinda annoyed by the fact that her battle with Azula was so short, but it was still great.


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