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Tussle, ruckus and kerfuffle.

Heart Gold Nuzlocke: Part 3; All the way to Ecruteak!

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, 1st September 2011 at 07:45 AM (226 Views)

Here's Part 3.


Previous parts:
Part 1
Part 2


So, at the end of part 2 I had just taken the egg from the guy in Violet City.

Route 32:
Headed down to Route 32 after collecting the egg, I battled all the trainers on the route and won. They're not very challenging at this point in the game.

Union Cave:
Healed then decided to just head straight into the cave. Picked up a new member for the gang!:

Serious - Sand Veil
Sandshrew is cute, so I decided that to dump her in the PC would be a cruel thing to do. I trained him up outside the cave, where this also happened:

Calm - Hustle
I thought the nature was good, until I later noticed that it had Hustle as an ability ._. Needless to say, this thing is dumped in the PC and won't be seeing use until I am in dire need of a team member. I headed back into the cave and made my way through it. There's not really much to talk about in terms of battles, as I'm winning most quite easily (I think I've been grinding too much...). I escaped out of the other side of the cave and onto Route 33.

Route 33:
Pretty boring. Beat a trainer and picked some apricorns, nothing to report.

Azalea Town:
Healed, then spoke to Kurt. Back to Route 33 and Slowpoke Well.

Slowpoke Well:
Surprisingly, I found:

Relaxed - Oblivious
Really good! If it wasn't for the fact it would get demolished in the Bug Gym, and I like my current team despite its obvious flaws, I would use this. For now, Pinkie, you're heading to the PC. Battled Team Rocket, where I was VERY wary of being poisoned (if something gets poisoned, it is pretty much dead). So Spook was very valuable as he could take the Poison-attacks without fear. I beat the TR leader guy (forget his name) and was taken back to Kurt's.

Back in town, I decided to head into Ilex Forest, to see what I could find there (Oddish :p). but, my rival, Jesse (CONFIRMED) decided to challenge me. His Quilava nearly killed Seafood with Smokescreen hax, but luckily it was beaten.

Ilex Forest:
I wanted an Oddish... I found a Paras:

Relaxed - Effect Spore
Props if you understand the name. I already have both a Bug and Grass-type, and it shares too many weaknesses with my current team, so into the PC it is. I did some levelling, until my team was all at Lv.18. You what that means! Do do do do...

Peapod becomes even more bulkier, and Fudge gets a nice increase all round. Time to squish some bugs!

Azalea Gym: Bugsy
Yeah, there's nothing to report until I actually faced Bugsy, and even then, it's too anti-climatic.

I lead with Coco, because at the time, for some stupid reason, I thought Ground resisted Bug (I know Bug resists Ground... I think I was thinking of the Fighting-Bug relationship where both resist each other, but IDK).

So I start to Defence Curl in front of Scyther, which uses Focus Energy and Leer. When I attack, it does very small damage, then Bugsy U-turns out. Luckily, it didn't do that much (only around half). I switched out Coco against the Kakuna, and brought in Aubergine, who, once again, decided to KILL EVERYTHING. I have the most aggressive and violent Butterfree ever. Kakuana goes down in one Gust. He brings in Scyther, so I Sleep Powder it. I then spam Gust until it's dead. Then he brings in Metapod, which is also slaughtered by another Gust.

So, a very anti-climatic gym, yet again. Shall we see what Whitney's infamous Miltank is like?

Ilex Forest:
Headed through the forest, nothing to report as nothing happens here (except the Farfetch'd thing, and the Kimono girl, but they aren't even interesting, sooo...).

Route 34:
Yet again, more trainers that are easily beaten. I think I should stop grinding. I did, however, manage to pick this up:

Quiet - Insomnia
Not bad. Still going in the PC. I would have much rather caught an Abra, but beggars can't be choosers.

Goldenrod City:
I went through the underground and beat the trainers. Visited the radio tower for the radio card, so I could challenge Whitney, and did a little levelling up until all my team was level 20 (same as Miltank, that's fair, right?). Seafood decided it wanted to evolve, so I let it:

It's got so much more power and bulk now. :D I don't like the fact I taught it Rock Smash, like an idiot. But hey, it might get replaced by Slowpoke, I'm not sure yet.

Goldenrod Gym: Whitney
I ventured into this gym fearing the absolute worst for my team. In my SS game, the Miltank was a pain; it used Attract and Milk Drink so much; the Lum Berry totally pissed me off; Whitney kept using Super Potions; and the Miltank was really strong when it hit and it wouldn't die. The majority of the fandom hate this thing, so rightfully so, I feared I would be walking out of the gym with half of my team dead, come the end of the battle.

Shame, another over-hyped battle, because the Miltank was a total tool. All it did was Stomp. Not once did it Attract (all the pokes I used against it were Female, so that might explain that...) and not once did it Milk Drink (even at low health). Whitney did use her Super Potions, though. That was just a minor setback.

I lead with Coco, again. I decided to Defence Curl just like with Bugsy, because I knew that it would take the Miltank's hits like a pro later. Except, the Clefairy Mimiced the Defence Curl and boosted itself, so I took a lot more damage from it because it took me longer to beat. Eventually I crit it. Miltank came in, so I switched to Seafood, who I figured was bulky enough to take its attacks. I spammed Headbutt. Whitney healed a few times. Seafood was starting to get low on health, so I switched to the ultimate bulky poke on my team: Peapod.

Peapod used Reflect! Peapod used Synthesis! Peapod used Razor Leaf! Miltank fainted!

GG. Whitney, that is revenge for all the players you and your Miltank have made cry.

Just to reiterate: I beat Whitney without losing a single team member. I think I just got lucky, though. The AI seemed like it was having a bad day because it was just spamming Stomp, when it should have used Milk Drink. Owell. A win is a win. Moving on!

Route 35:
I made sure to get the Squirtbottle. Battled the trainers on the route, and caught this little fella:

Adamant - Poison Point
It's nice, but I don't really care for it at the moment. To the PC... and beyond?

National Park:
Beat the trainers, didn't catch anything. Pretty uneventful - like my game so far. :/ I might come back during the Bug Catching Contest and see what I find then.

Route 36:
Back onto Route 36, this time the part that has grass!
Caught a:

Serious - Intimidate
Nice. I really like this. I might train it once we get to Ecruteak, the hard part will be who to swap it with... hmm. It will remedy the major Ice weakness I have, so it'll definately be getting a look-in.

o, Coco evolved!

Route 37:
Nothing much. Went to Ecruteak.

Beat the TR guy in the Kimono girl hall-thing. Went to Burned Tower!

Burned Tower:

Timid - Levitate
I really want to use this, too! D:

So, that's the end of this part. A rather long run. Pretty uneventful, yet again. I need to decide who's staying and who's going on my team, though. Which is going to be tough.I'll have the next part up whenever I can!




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  1. Troggy's Avatar
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    I think Whitney was harder in GSC than in the remakes :p

    You have a nice variety so far, I would definitely use that Adamant Nidoran! :3
  2. Zeb's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troggy
    I think Whitney was harder in GSC than in the remakes :p

    You have a nice variety so far, I would definitely use that Adamant Nidoran! :3
    I don't know. That means I have to baby a Nidorino until I find a Moon Stone and then find and use a few TM's on Nidoking because it doesn't learn that many good physical moves via level-up.

    I'm contemplating swapping Quagsire for Slowpoke (Sandslash already has the Ground-type covered) and maybe ditching Butterfree for Growlithe. I'm not sure, though. Butterfree has been AMAZING so far, that Compoundeyes Sleep Powder is boss and earnt me two wins against the gyms, but it's probably not going to do so well later on.
  3. Troggy's Avatar
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    Yeah, that's true. Probably fine to stick with your plan, then! I forget where the Moon Stones are in HGSS.


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