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Tussle, ruckus and kerfuffle.

Heart Gold Nuzlocke: Part 2; The areas around Violet City and Faulkner.

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So, before I carry on where I left off last time, I'm making a slight ammendment to the rules.

4. No buying or using any items (PokeBalls, Poitions, Revives, Repels, etc). Pokemon Center access isn't restricted. I obviously can use PokeBalls to catch pokemon, but they must be either found in the wild, by Pickup or given by an NPC (so not bought, basically).

Is being to changed to:

4. No buying or using items such as Potions, Revives or Repels. I can buy 5 PokeBalls per town. Pokemon Center access isn't restricted.

I ran out, because stupid stuff kept breaking out. It'll probably make it a lot easier, but I don't want it to be too rough, otherwise I won't want to carry on with it.


Previous parts:
Part 1

Anyway, back to the Nuzlocke!


Route 30:
So, after catching Aubergine, I decided to train it - an untrained Caterpie would be deadweight and you know it. I trained it on Route 30 and decided Lv.10 would be good enough. You know what that means, yes, Aubergine became a flying Aubergine!

After training it, I moved up the Route where I had a few battles that were easily won. Youngster Joey asked for my Pokegear phone number because he thought I was hot...

The rest of the route is dull, a few more trainers and wild Pidgey’s beaten by Aubergine. Now for Route 31.

Route 31:
Yes, time for a new team member… please be something good!

Relaxed - Shield Dust

;_; Another Caterpie. I caught it anyway just because I did, although now I’m sure that it was a wasted PokeBall. Anyway, this is Tangerine, he’s Relaxed and has a lot of Shield Dust… and he’s going straight to the PC.

I will be coming back to Dark Cave soon, so never fear - there’s nothing in there that interests me at the moment. Geodude would be nice, but I’m running out of PokeBalls.

On to Violet City, I guess.

Violet City:
Nothing interesting here at the moment… on to Route 32 for a Mareep (please!).

Route 32:
I didn’t want to take on the gym without something helpful, so I went onto Route 32 to hopefully catch a Mareep. If I found a Bellsprout I was actually going to facepalm - like I need another Fire/Ice weakness on my team!

Hardy - Damp
Wooper! This was a nice surprise, the ability sucks, though. At least her one and only weakness (Grass) is dealt with (resisted) by every other member of my team. I would have still rather had a Mareep, though... :/

After catching Seafood, I headed up to Route 36 and was given Rock Smash.

I trained Seafood up a little and headed up to Sprout Tower.

Sprout Tower:
Short visit here for the moment, as I ran into a wild Gastly (which I caught) and wanted to train up!

Relaxed - Levitate

Dark Cave:
Back to Dark Cave to train up Spook and Seafood a little more. I ran into a wild Zubat (no Geodude ;_;) and caught it. I decided to put it into the PC, however, as it's not that useful at the moment and Leech Life is a drag to train with. If something happens to another member of my team I'll probably bring it back out.

Bold - Inner Focus

Sprout Tower:
Battled my way up Sprout Tower with no fatalities. I kept Seafood away from the Bellsprout. Now it's time for the gym!

Violet City Gym: Faulkner
I did a little more training, until all 5 of my team members were at Lv.13, which seemed reasonable enough and headed for the gym.

The gym wasn't as bad as I feared. Fudge dealt with the Pidgey; and the Pidgeotto was a combined effort of 4 (bar Peapod) eventually Aubergine Sleep Powered it and just spammed Confusion. Crazily, Pidgeotto's Gusts were only doing ~12 HP and Aubergine had 41 HP, so once it woke up, Aub lasted 3 more turns, which was enough to kill. xD

I'll say this now: I'm not looking for to Bugsy's Scyther!

Back outside, I got a phonecall from Elm. So I healed then went to pick up the egg. Then I moved down to the Route 32.

Anyway, that's it for the second part. If I have some free time later then I'll do the next part, otherwise it'll be in a day or two.




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  1. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    Cool, keep at it.
  2. Giustizia's Avatar
    Aubergine... And Tangerine... Originality gone wild!


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