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grass update

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So, three months ago I posted a blog about a monotype runthrough I was starting. I said I'd update, so here I am... updating.

I ditched Lileep because, as much as I love it and Cradily, it absolutely sucked. It needed too much experience and it was too weak. I might train it up once I get to Kanto or something, who knows.

I'm currently just going through the Ice Path, and here is the team. They are all Lv.40:


Polly and Skrub have been consistently good. I mean really good. Especially in Polly's case who is just a monster--fast and strong. They're the best two pokemon on the team by far. Yoka is also decently good. Noodles has been a let down. It can take physical hits over and over without any worry, but it learns no good offensive moves. I need an Energy Ball TM for it or something. Stump is just lame as hell. It can take hits too, but it does pitiful damage whereas Tangrowth can actually hit hard. I was surprised that it managed to take two ice attacks from Pryce though (it's 4x weak to Ice, guys!). It's only there for Fly, and I don't even use that often. Louie has been a mixed bag. Since evolving it's been a lot better, but when it was a Lombre it was weak as shit. I also need an Energy Ball TM for him too, really.

I thought using an all-grass team would be a hard runthrough, but so far it's been much easier than I would have guessed. I'm still enjoying it though. I might even try another themed runthrough when I eventually finish this one.

I'll probably update again at some point... See ya in another 3 months (jk).

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  1. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Ludicolo can learn Surf and Ice Beam. Should be easy enough.
  2. Luminosity's Avatar
    Skrub ftw!
    [s]totally not biased since I recommended Cacturne[/s]
  3. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    Why not teach some of your mons sunny day. Most of your mons will have chlorphyll as ability. Also, Roserade can learn weather ball to abuse it as well.


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