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I'm very proud of this haha! Started working on this yesterday evening and I hatched a Hidden Power Fire HA Roselia (Technician Roserade) earlier!

Nature: Timid | Ability: Leaf Guard
IVs: 31 / 22 / 31 / 30 / 31 / 30 | HP Fire
Egg Moves: Leaf Storm / Giga Drain / Sleep Powder / Spikes

My only disappointment is that I didn't breed it in a Premier Ball with Extrasensory instead of Giga Drain (currently in a Great Ball and Giga Drain is a level-up move anyway). So knowing my obsessive personality I'll probably end up redoing it down the line; this one is female and I have a really good male parent (31/xx/31/30/31/30 with Poison Point though :/) so it shouldn't take as long if I do.

I also want to try breeding some other Hidden Power stuff now. HP Ice Manectric, HP Grass or Ground Pyroar are top of my list right now!

You never know, I might get to the point where I can offer these to other people and help them out with getting HP stuff if it keeps going this well. Share them out since HP is needed on some stuff.

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  1. Beck's Avatar
    Wow, really quality breed, Zeb. Nice job.
  2. Envoy's Avatar
    Roselia can have Leaf Guard?
  3. Zeb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Beck
    Wow, really quality breed, Zeb. Nice job.
    Thanks :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Envoy
    Roselia can have Leaf Guard?
    Yep, Hidden Ability. It becomes Technician as Roserade.


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