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So lastnight I had a funny dream and when I woke up and remembered it I was like wtf. So here's how it went. Imagine the scene...

I'm in a massive greenhouse - it appears that it's some sort of lesson at school. And it's the sort of greenhouse with the plastic cover over it, not the glass window ones. There's just row upon row of shelves with pots and plants on them. I'm in the far corner of it away from everyone else, watering some plants under a tap. When oh, all of a sudden, David Schwimmer is walking towards me from the exit of the greenhouse.

He walks up to me and says he's looking for Daniel D, so could I go get him for him. I said sure, so I start to walk towards where I know the teacher is in the greenhouse. And guess what I thought to myself? Daniel D, it would be a great opportunity to say that David Schwimmer wants the D (I have no idea why this of all things). Anyway, as I'm walking through the aisles, the sky goes dark and it starts lightning. And then the greenhouse goes completely dark.

Then David Schwimmer comes up behind me (I think he was supposed to be a police officer or something). He says to stick together because it turns out that the entire fucking class and the teacher are werewolves. Sigh.

So we're making our way through the dark greenhouse and everything's silent when Matt LeBlanc comes screaming from around one of the corners and he's got blood on him and says that the werewolves took someone (I can't remember who it was--pretty sure it wasn't Matthew Perry though I wouldn't bet money on it). So we follow him towards the exit and run up the stairs and we're into a hall in the school.

I can see David Schwimmer through the window looking into the greenhouse, he's stuck under some sort of metal shelving. I tell him to hurry and catch up with us because we're leaving. Then he says well if that exit is where the werewolves took [person they took] they'll be coming back that way, so I thought "OH SHIT HE'S RIGHT" and started running back into the greenhouse just as the wolves appear (I'm pretty sure at this point Matt LeBlanc got killed or something because I never saw him again).

So I run and as I'm running I can see these three wolves chasing me through the shelves of pots, and David Schwimmer is in front shouting me to hurry. So I jump up onto this long corner cabinet (in the corner, heh) to avoid the wolves. They starting running around underneath because they're too small to climb it and...

that's it.

So it basically ended with me stuck in a greenhouse with David Schwimmer and a bunch of students-gone-werewolf.

And no, I haven't watched Friends or watched Twilight or anything like that recently so I have no idea where it came from xD

Probably not the funniest dream anyone will have ever had but it made me chuckle at the wtf-ness when I woke up. :I

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  1. Paperhorse's Avatar
    Lol i was thinking about Dharma stations from Lost when you first started talking about the greenhouse. xD

    Can't explain the wolves though. Sounds kinda scary, I hate dreams where I'm chased by something.


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