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Dark. And Shiny.

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, 31st October 2011 at 12:45 PM (169 Views)
It's nearly 6 p.m and it's pitch black here. Oh how I love Autumn and Winter.

Edit: I finally got my shiny DW Smoochum! :D

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  1. Space Opera's Avatar
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    I was surprised by how dark it was when I got home from college. I've never traveled a lot at that time of day until this year, so I'd never had it really light getting home one week, then really dark getting home the next.
  2. Zeb's Avatar
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    Yeah, at high school I used to be home by 3.30, but when I started at college and had to travel into and out of the town centre I wasn't getting home until ~5.30pm and it was something new to get used to. It was really cool around Christmas time though, when the town centre had all the Christmas lights up, and there were roasted chestnut stands and the outdoor Christmas market.
  3. Space Opera's Avatar
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    Yeah, I can't wait until Christmas time. I have to go through two city centers to get home, so it's going to be really pretty. I hope it snows, too, even though I have to walk for ages to get a bus.

    EDIT: Congrats on the Smoochum. o:
    Updated 31st October 2011 at 01:18 PM by Space Opera
  4. Zeb's Avatar
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    I didn't go to college when it snowed, that would have just taken the biscuit considering I had to do a fair bit of walking, and time off in the snow is much better than sitting in lessons all day. :p
  5. Space Opera's Avatar
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    That's true. I haven't played in the snow for years... :c


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