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another mono-run... but looking for help

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, 26th August 2013 at 02:43 PM (321 Views)
So my last blog was about a Nuzlocke. I started it but then I have just become bored with it; beating Cheren will be an absolute drag and most likely result in failure. Basically, I have no enthusiasm for it right now. So I've decided I'm going to do another mono-run of a game. Last one I did was all Grass in HG over a year ago. I really want to try another one. I've decided on mono-Ground this time, because it has quite a nice variety and Ground is generally an interesting type.

But here's the thing. I can't actually decide which Ground-types I want to use. So I'm asking for help or advice from you guys, if you wish to give it. I'll be doing this mono-run in White 2, incase that affects anything.

Here's the list I have narrowed it down to so far:

Gastrodon - This has Storm Drain (handy because Ground is weak to Water) and I need Surf, so it's pretty much mandatory I reckon.

If there's any that I haven't included but someone thinks I should feel free to suggest it and I'll weigh up the choice!

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  1. Reila's Avatar
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    I would totally use Krookodile and Torterra in a Gen V mono-Ground run and Mamoswine with STAB Ice moves would be really helpful.
  2. CrackFox's Avatar
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    Nooo. Stop with this crazy Pokemon talk, don't you know GTA V is out soon. Silly goose.
  3. L.L.'s Avatar
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    I'd say Torterra, Mamoswine, Gastrodon, Flygon, Camerupt. You choose whatever else. Though, if you have a thick club for Marowak, use it for the doubled attack stat. 300 power Bonemerang FTW.
  4. Serenity's Avatar
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    Garchomp is way better than Flygon, imo.

    but I'd use...

    Torterra, Krookodile, Mamoswine, Quagsire, Garchomp, and Gliscor.
  5. internetro's Avatar
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    you must use it, zeb


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