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Minutes to Midnight

A quiet place for my own musings and stories.

  1. Hey, writers! What keeps YOU motivated?

    So what is it?

    I'm not talking about what inspires you or how you get ideas; I'm talking about what makes you start and finish a story? This is an area I have problems in. I'm pretty inspired and ideas tend to reproduce like sexually deprived rabbits in my mind, but actually sitting down to start anything is where I get stuck. I have no motivation to do it.

    What motivates you? How do you keep yourself motivated through the process? Does there ever come a time where ...
  2. A Writer's Feedback

    A writer's feedback seems very essential. I don't know many published authors who don't have an entire page in the beginning dedicated to those who helped and supported them through their novel. Most people on ff.net or fictionpress feel the need to add "Review!" to the end of their summaries or author's notes.

    A lot of writers want it; a lot of writers need it.

    I once heard that there are people out there who write for the sheer joy of it, who write just ...

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  3. Writing Woes

    Writing is a difficult process for me, and it's odd to say that when I supposedly love to do it. I think I love thinking about it more. I can generate ideas pretty fast and efficiently. Actually working up the nerve to sit down and write them? That's where things start that slow down and become srs bsns.

    My inner critic freaks me out because I just can't please it. And it's always rather harsh on me. I hate feeling like a failure, but I treat myself like one so my story won't be. ...