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Part 4 of japan

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by , 10th April 2011 at 06:33 AM (248 Views)
Went up to tokyo today, time well spent, saw a Harajuku Doll (this is a type of person).

Went to o'hanami in ueno, i've never seen so many people in one place, Australia just isn't capable of that.

The trains are more crowded than i can belive, there were more people on a single sunday train, that comes every 5 minutes, than there would be on about 15 half hourly trains back home.

I picked up a cheap pair of headphones ($70) in the most amazing electronics store I have ever seen. It was like a department store that only sold electronics, there was half a floor dedicated to headphone, the other half was earphones.

Just been out for dinner, we ate cow, but not the normal parts, we had tongue, stomach and diaphram. the Diaphram was particularly tasty.

Must say that Harajuku is the most amazing experience so far. It's all so cutesy yet at the same time so cool.

Tomorrow we head off to miajima which will take about 6 hours by shinkansen (bullet train).

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  1. Gligar13's Avatar
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    You in Japan? How is everything there.
  2. Pman's Avatar
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    Apart from them conserving power in tokyo etc so as to prevent rotational blackouts, it's pretty much normal, except that it's empty.


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